Where to store your bike at home

How To Store A Bike At Home

Thinking of adapting your home to accommodate your bicycle, or are you going to buy dedicated storage? There are a few things you need to consider first: Space – Do you live in a tiny flat or do you have a large garden and garage? With the former, you will have to get a bit […]

Cycling to work: A beginner’s guide to commuting by bike

commuting by bike for beginners

Given the number of people who bought bicycles during the pandemic, it’ll be a miracle if anyone ever walks on two legs again. Once just a vehicle for environmental do-gooders and exercise nuts, the bike is now fast becoming everyone’s favourite transport of choice and commuting to work by bike is set to take the […]

How to keep your bicycle safe from theft

Bike On Sunny Coastal Path

It has been estimated that a bike gets stolen every 60 seconds in the UK. 296,000 were taken in 2019 alone. Not only are there more bikes than ever now on Britain’s roads (and cycle lanes), but their increased value is also appealing to thieves. When bikes are stolen can also not be underestimated. Some […]

Dash cam buyer’s guide: types, fittings and features

dash cam buyers guide

For today’s motorists, a dash cam is often seen as a fundamental piece of kit, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of their time out on the road. Although most of us probably don’t like to think about potential car collisions and accidents, there’s always a chance they can happen, and so just […]

The best bike locks for keeping bicycles secure

Bike Lock

A bike lock is essential if you leave your bicycle unattended at times They will prevent theft, so picking the wrong one can have disastrous consequences Different scenarios require different levels of security. Where is the bike kept? What is the crime like in the area? We are also going to go through the locking […]

Best dash cams to protect your no-claims discount and prevent theft

Best Front Window Dash Cam

Dash cams will offer invaluable protection against insurance claims and theft, finding who is at fault Video footage can speed up liability disputes, and some insurers can even offer discounts if you have one You can get basic cameras, as well as ones with crisp footage, smartphone communication and GPS You may also want to […]