Where to store your bike at home

How To Store A Bike At Home

Thinking of adapting your home to accommodate your bicycle, or are you going to buy dedicated storage?

There are a few things you need to consider first:

  • Space – Do you live in a tiny flat or do you have a large garden and garage? With the former, you will have to get a bit more creative. Where does your space have space? Bedroom? Hallway? Yard?
  • Your Bike – Do you have a state-of-the-art mountain bike or a cheap second-hand runaround that gets you to the corner shop and back? No offence, but thieves will likely not be that interested in the latter, yet the former could be sold on for big money
  • Security – Is your space a communal space (such as bike sheds belonging to a housing block) or is it a private garage? The latter may seem safer, but with fewer people around and a chance of finding other goods too, they can actually be more opportunistic. Take this into account
  • Owned Or Rented? – If you own your home/flat, you likely have more chance at fixing fittings to the wall or adapting a room to suit. If you rent, it can be harder to make changes, but you may also be able to ask for communal bike storage in some cases

Think of all the above before you buy any extras, such as bike sheds or mounted hooks.

Either way, always buy a bike lock to ensure an extra level of security (which will also come in handy if you’re away from home)

How To Store Your Bike In A Small Space

If space is at a premium (for instance, you live in a city and you really need your bike to get around), there are a few ways in which you could adapt your home or outside space.

Wall mounts/hooks

An indoor wall-mounted rack is a perfect way to make use of storage space in a hallway or room.

This way, the bike is off the floor so it is less cluttered, doesn’t get in people’s way (perfect if you have flatmates) and yet is easy to access. It can also make for quite a nice way to fill up wasted space.

Some are also edging on being decorative, and others look a bit more industrial but can come with built-in locks. Think about which you’d need as the former is cheaper, but the latter will likely be worth it if your home or flat is at risk of break-ins (such as if you’re on the bottom floor).

Mounts and hooks which store your bike vertically are also available (although many are subject to weight limits so be careful). This could be a good plan if there are multiple bikes you need to hang up in your home, or if none of your walls is wide enough/you’re worried about not being able to reach.

These usually hold your bike by its front wheel, and again many can be locks too.

Bike Wall Mount

Bike hoists/pulley system

A slightly weird one if you’re unfamiliar with them. Two hooks go around your frame, and one under the seat, and then you literally pull on a cord to hoist the bike up to the ceiling. Then, just tie off the ends.

Maybe you have no wall space available or you have hugely tall ceilings which are just ridiculously wasted space so want a hoist like James Bond to vamp up your flat.

Of course, this isn’t just for small spaces – it would probably be great in a workshop or garage too in order to save valuable floor and wall space and make everything safer.

Bike Storage Tips For Small Spaces Garages

Storing Your Bike In Garages & Sheds

If you have an already-existing outbuilding, you’re already on the way to having the ideal bike storage setup.

You probably still want to keep it clutter-free, so using one of the above methods of storage could still be a good idea. But you’re also a bit more flexible.

Bike racks

Great if you have a few bikes in the household (or for yourself). Just roll the bike into place and you can lock it either to the rack by the frame or front wheel if you want extra security.

There is a huge variation out there, from short to tall, wide to single racks. They’re easy to install because you just have to remove them from the box and stand it up.

Some can be fixed to the ground if security is an issue.

Bike stands

Basically a tall pole so your bike can attach to it and be secure, without having to attach it to any existing structures. Most fit between the floor and ceiling, and can even hold multiple bikes if needs be.

How To Store Your Bike Outside

If you don’t have a garage or shed, and can’t keep it indoors, your bike can be kept in an outside area.

It can either be stored by itself or in a bike shed.

Bike covers

Pretty much usually fabric or tarpaulin which covers your bike and can keep it dry and protected from the weather – but that is about it.

They don’t offer any security but can be used alongside a bike lock. These are good if you have to keep it outside, but don’t have space for a bike shed or anything larger yet want to keep it protected from the rain and largely away from prying eyes.

Storing Bike In Bike Shed At Home

Bike sheds

Great if you have some spare outside space, and want to keep your bike under extra security.

A bike shed will give you not only an added layer of security with extra locks and a secure unit but will also keep your bike out of view and out of the rain.

Metal sheds are the most secure. These are hard to break into. Plastic ones are usually easiest and cheapest but can be broken into aside from breaking the lock.

The good thing about bike sheds, however, is that there are so many on the market. Whether you need to just store one bike or three or need it to be fastened to the ground or on the concrete, there is a bike shed for you.