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10 Best Laptop Cases for 2021

The best laptop bags for that professional work-ready look

Best Laptop Bags
  • With work rarely being tied to a desk anymore, you need a bag that will protect your mini office as you travel and commute
  • You’ll need a bag that’s sturdy yet lightweight enough to carry and a bag that provides ample space for your laptop as well as the accessories and daily essentials you’ll need for your working day
  • Whatever style and material you’re looking, check out our guide to the best laptop bags on the market
  • We’ve searched far and wide for the best choices out there, only including the ones we’d use ourselves and the bags that have great reviews
  • And if you’re looking for a sleeve as well, be sure to check out our top picks for the Best Laptop Sleeves


Our Top Picks

Best Laptop Cases

If the recent events have taught us anything, its that our workspace isn’t a set place anymore. We’ve had to adapt and learn to work remotely, taking up a place in our kitchen, our car, the train, or someone else’s house.

And since we imagine your laptop is what’s making all this possible, we reckon it’s pretty invaluable and is worth protecting, right?

So wherever you are, make sure you can count on a laptop bag to keep your precious work hub safe. And if you’re planning on making a comeback in the office, you might as well do it in style too!

Let our team guide you through the best laptop bags available on the market right now and get you on your way.

We think the best laptop bag overall is the MATEIN 17 inch Laptop Bag thanks to its impressive innovation and smart features.

Buying Guide

Choosing the right laptop bag for you

Deciding on a laptop very much depends on the feature that’s most important to you. If you’re going for style, you might have to forgo features like extra compartments and water repellent material.

Each one will vary in benefits, so it’s really about weighing up what is most important to you. If you are working remotely and will need to set up work anywhere, then we suggest going for a backpack as it isn’t cumbersome to carry and usually comes with extra compartments that allow you to carry documents and gadgets that you might need as well.

If you’re driving to the office, you’ll have more freedom in what you can choose. However, if you’re commuting on public transport a lot, getting a laptop bag with added cushioning will prevent your valuables from becoming damaged by crowds, knocks and bangs.

What to look for when choosing a laptop bag

Water-resistant – Naturally, you want to protect your tech, so looking for a laptop bag that will keep the water out is pretty vital. Leather is a good material for this since it’s generally water-resistant, and when it’s waxed, it keeps the water out even more.

Specific Laptop compartment – While laptop sleeves will provide protection, it’s better to get a laptop case with a designated space for your laptop and some padding and to fasten to ensure it’s safe to secure.

Shoulder strap – Check to see if the laptop bag has a sturdy and thick strap and look for extra padding on the shoulder to ensure maximum comfort.

Your Questions Answered

How do I know what size laptop bag to buy?

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider as many bags are only designed to fit up to a certain size. A standard Mac ( the MacBook Air or Pro) is around 13 inches whereas other laptops from brands like Hp tend to be larger.

You can either find out how big your laptop is by googling the model or you can take a tape measure to it and find out that way. Ideally, it’s always good to have half an inch on either side, so your bag isn’t holding your laptop too tightly.

You’ve also got to consider that your laptop should be in a protective sleeve and this may add half an inch to the overall measurements.

Where can I buy a laptop bag?

If you’re shopping in-store then places like Currys, John Lewis, and Argos will offer the best choice, however, if you really want to see what’s available, we recommend shopping online. You’ll get far more choice, and you can find brands that specialise in luggage such as Samsonite and Wenger.

Other online shops include ASOS, Amazon, Harrods, House of Fraiser, Fossil, Peak Design, the Hp shop and the Apple store.

What is a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag?

For a bag to be checkpoint friendly, it must have a designated laptop section that is easy to see in plain sight. It can not have pockets on the inside or outside of the laptop section and can not include any metal on it such as a belt, buckle or zip.

The laptop section can’t be blocked from the X-ray, and so a travel-friendly bag will most likely include the feature where it can spread out, so the contents of the bag are clean and open. Think like a whole unfolding into two halves or a butterfly wing.

When you’re looking for a new bag, check to see if it’s TSA approved. If you’re worried that your bag doesn’t comply, then it may be just as easy to put your laptop into a protective sleeve and place it separately in the tray at the checkpoint.

Can laptop bags be washed?

While some may be machine washable, it’s unlikely, and more often the case that the bag can be washed by hand.

Use a delicate colour-friendly detergent on a warm sponge or an old toothbrush and gently scrub the area unlike the stain has faded. Be sure to rinse off the residue as well so as not to leave a watermark.