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10 Best Laptop Sleeves for 2021

The best laptop sleeves to protect your tech in style

Best Laptop Sleeves
  • Laptops are pretty delicate things that are susceptible to scratches and breaking easily, and so simply placing your tech in your bag just won’t cut it for taking care of it
  • You need a protective layer surrounding your laptop that will ensure it doesn’t scratch, bend or break if it’s dropped and that’s precisely what a laptop sleeve is designed for
  • Finding the right laptop sleeve depends on the size of your laptop, the durability of the material and the features it provides, so we’ve compiled a list through careful consideration and comparison to bring you the best laptop sleeves on the market right now


Our Top Picks

The Best Laptop Sleeves

Remote working has never been more current than now. With so many people carrying their office around in their bag, it’s important to keep the most essential of all work paraphernalia safe; the laptop. Notoriously fragile and easily scratched, laptops need that extra bit of protection to keep them secure which is the laptop sleeve was designed in the first place. And if like us, the laptop is your prized possession for both work and personal, then it’s only right that you choose the best sleeve for your precious device.

We’ve searched high and low for the most stylish and practical sleeves out there, comparing and contrasting to find the best on the market. Our review experts have only included the items we’d use ourselves and the ones that have the best customer satisfaction.

We think the best overall is the TomToc 14 Inch 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve thanks to its smart innovation, sophisticated protection and daily practicality.

Buying Guide

How to choose the right laptop bag for you?

Choosing the right product for you will always depend on what’s most important to you. Style and design are always personal, but as a rule, you should always consider your laptop’s size, the features you’d like on your sleeve and the material that the sleeve is.


All laptop sleeves will provide protection, but some will do it better. And a big indicator for which will perform better is often down to the material. Leather is a popular choice because while it also looks classy, it’s always hardwearing and because it’s also good at keeping the water out. If you kept it on the water for a long period of time, then it wouldn’t withstand it, but for splashes, it’s pretty water-resistant.

Other really great materials include neoprene which is actually waterproof and has a stretchy rubber-like quality to it.

Nylon and polyester are also good materials to look out since both are water-resistant. And as the thread count increases so does the resistance so the higher the denier, the better.


It’s great if the laptop sleeve has compartments and other handy features like that, but the most important feature is the kind of fastening that the sleeve has and the inner protection that it provides.

A quality zip is perhaps the most fail-proof of fastenings and the choice that is going to keep your laptop the most secure. However, that’s not to say buckles, hooks and buttons won’t do the job either.

Inner lining protection is perhaps the most important to feature a laptop sleeve can offer because after all, it’s there to do a job. Look for sleeves with extra padding, especially if the padding is a memory foam-like material since this provides extra cushioning and buoyancy if you drop your laptop.


It’s pretty straightforward that you’ll need to choose a laptop sleeve that has the dimensions of your laptop to get the best fit. While you can always go bigger, generally speaking, the snugger the fit, the better to avoid your laptop moving around. Many are tailored to 13-inch Macbooks, so it is really important to check the product’s dimensions when looking to avoid disappointment if you have a larger laptop.

Your Questions Answered

Where can I buy a laptop sleeve?

If you’re looking for tech brands then Currys and Argos are your best bet. These tend to be tech branded and have some good water-resistant options. For something a bit more tailored and handcrafted luxury department stores including John Lewis, Harrods or House of Fraser tend to have these options.

You’ll always get the best choices online with Amazon and Not on the High Street which is incredibly good for finding a quality hand-crafted leather sleeve. Not on the High Street also has a great range of options as well so if you’re looking for something a little bit different, it’s a great place to start. Other websites that offer great designs include FARFETCH, Endclothing and Senreve.

Tech companies like Apple and Hp also provide their own products through their website as well. In fact, Apple exclusively sells their branded laptop sleeve.

What are the best brands for a laptop sleeve?

As well as the brands we’ve already mentioned, other popular laptops sleeves include Kate Spade, He Herschel Supply, Targus, Ted Baker, Lenova, Dell, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith.

How do I clean a laptop sleeve?

The best way to clean a sleeve is with a damp sponge and fairy liquid which isn’t as abrasive as detergent. If the stain is really difficult, then try to add some non-abrasive stain remove to that direct spot.

Do not put in the washing machine since the lining of your sleeve is usually faux fur and placing it in the washing machine can often lead to this fur going hard. If it hardens and loses its softness, it’s not going to protect your laptop as well.