How often should you use beard oil?: Finding the perfect routine

Beard oil may be a product that has revolutionised the beard industry, but it can be both brilliant and frustrating in equal measure when it comes to it’s constantly changing and ultimately lax rulebook. A relatively new addition to the grooming world, it’s only natural that we beard oil novices want to know the right […]

5 male style icons & their signature colognes

Without our large selection of male style icons to draw inspiration from, we blokes would be completely clueless. We’d have no idea what to wear, what hairstyles to get and most of us wouldn’t even know how to conduct ourselves in public. But while we can all walk into the barbers and ask for the […]

Beard oil vs. beard balm: What’s the difference & which is best?

When starting your journey in beard care, the vast array of similar-sounding products can often feel like a minefield, particularly when it comes to picking between beard oil or beard balm. Both appear to be designed to moisturise and condition your beard, however, they’re results are far from identical, meaning plumping for one randomly may […]

How long does aftershave last?: The signs you need a new fragrance

Wait… aftershave has an expiry date!? Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news gentleman, but that bottle of Ralph Lauren on your chest of drawers isn’t going to last forever and it is indeed true that every fragrance you own is a sand-timer of scent, it’s potency slowly diminishing with each passing […]

What is aftershave & do you really need it?

Now a byword for men’s fragrances, traditional aftershave was once a stalwart of the male shaving routine; a crucial final step of facial aftercare and a must-have grooming product for every gentleman. In recent times though, it’s become a less common practice amongst modern men, with many of us not even sure of the difference […]

The best beard grooming kits that actually work

Best Beard grooming kit

It takes work to sport a beard so good that it would make a Viking jealous, but that’s just beard grooming kits are made for. A clever combination of nourishing oils, textured balms and styling brushes will ensure your skin and your beard stay healthy, hydrated, shiny and styled. While there may be many options […]

How to get the perfect beard

How to get the perfect beard

When it comes to a beard, there’s a fine line between super sexy and ‘seriously, give it a wash’ – the difference all comes down to the grooming process. We’ve all been there before when you’re walking around feeling like a Viking God, and everyone else is thinking neanderthal. So, whether you’ve got the whole […]

Is beard shampoo really necessary?: To buy or not to buy

why you need beard shampoo

Cavemen. Mesopotamians. Vikings. Greek Philosophers. Hipsters. Ever since the dawn of man to present day, blokes of every culture and persuasion have been rocking the beard… and almost all of them got along just fine without ‘beard shampoo’. The latest grooming product in an ever-expanding ocean of men’s beard care products, beard shampoo has got […]

The most effective men’s skincare routines: Simple solutions for every skin type

mens guide to skin care

The increasingly high standards of male grooming and appearance in the modern world are enough to send any average joe into despair – especially when it comes to skincare. At some point in the last 40 years, the male species was suddenly introduced to words like moisturiser, cleanser and scrub, and those unable to consult […]