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10 Best Shampoos For Thinning Hair in 2021

Best men’s shampoo for thinning hair: DHT blockers and scalp boosting minerals

best hair thickening shampoo
  • Quality hair thickening or hair loss shampoos are a much sought after product for men, especially if the only thing growing up there seems to be an increasing concern for your hairline!
  • By choosing the right shampoo product, you can potentially reduce the appearance of male-pattern baldness, promote faster hair growth & at the very least improve your overall scalp health
  • We’ve researched a range of the best men’s shampoo for thinning hair, focusing on options with proven DHT blockers (caffeine, ketoconazole, biotin),  scalp boosting vitamins & minerals and also those that are free of hair-damaging ingredients such as parabens & sulfates
  • We’ve tried to consider your personal needs too, with great options for every kind of hair type, varying prices for every budget and even a range of bottle sizes so that portable and at-home options are all covered

These are the Top Shampoos For Hair Loss Rejuvenation

The Best Hair Thickening Shampoo For Men

Although most men are expected to just accept thinning hairlines no matter how young they are, not all of us are looking forward to having to pull off a Vin Diesel/Jason Statham look. And when you’re not too enamoured with the thought of a Wayne Rooney rug either, many blokes have no other option but to start embracing an effective hair thickening shampoo.

While there is no magic fix shampoo which will solve all your hair loss woes, there are plenty of reliable and supportive hair thickening shampoo products out there which can help strengthen and condition your receding hair by stimulating hair follicles, creating optimum grounds for hair growth and potentially creating the appearance of thicker and more voluminous hair!

The best shampoo for receding hair is Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo, as it’s suitable for all hair types, contains natural DHT blockers and is also gentle enough to work in your beard too!

A solid hair care regimen is incredibly important for helping to prevent further damage or despair to your hair and so we’ve found a range of phenomenal shampoos designed for men struggling with their shags (that’s a haircut).

Focusing on products packed with antioxidants and vitamins for overall scalp health, we’ve also hunted down some of the best hair follicle stimulators and DHT fighting agents, the testosterone hormone at the heart of all our problems! So here’s to a happier, healthier and fuller head of hair!

The Essential Guide To Hair Thickening Shampoo

What To Look Out For In Hair Thickening & Hair Loss Shampoos

The world of hair care is a tricky one to navigate for us blokes and there’s a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo that gets thrown around these days, particularly when it comes to finding products which can help tackle our retreating hairlines.

So to help you get the lowdown on terminology and figure out what you need to look for and what you need to avoid, we’ve put together this helpful buying guide to stop you scratching your head in confusion and start reaping the rewards of fuller, thicker hair!

Avoiding Being Duped

The very first thing to look out for unfortunately when it comes to products centred around thinning hair is tall tales and con jobs.

We’ll tell you this once only – there is no shampoo that can miraculously cause your hair to regrow currently on the market. If you want that, you’ll have to go through a GP and seek proper medical treatment and not by spending all your dosh on some fancy snakeskin oil found on the internet.

If a shampoo promises you that your hair is growing to go back, it’s probably not going to be true for most people and many products have gotten into trouble with advertising standards rules in the past for saying so.

This is why our top 10 is described as being the best shampoos for hair thickening or for helping thinning hair, as actually stimulating hair growth is a rare feat for a shampoo and even if you do think a product seems to be retrieving your old hairline, it’s more likely just strengthening and maximising the volume of what you do have.

In short, if a shampoo is promising way too much, it’s probably too good to be true.

Key Ingredients To Look Out For

Having a great hair care regimen is always going to improve the appearance of your hair by keeping your head healthy and roots vitalised, so a hair thickening shampoo and moisturising conditioner are always a must.

Although a hair thickening shampoo can’t promise hair regrowth, it may be able to help counteract or at least stall the process of thinning hair with the right ingredients, as well as create the ideal environment for your scalp to thrive. So while you might not be used to reading the back of your shampoo bottle, it’s probably time to start.

Here are some of the best ingredients within hair thickening shampoos which will help boost your faltering quiff.

Biotin/Vitamin B7
Often referred to as Biotin, Vitamin B7 is a very popular vitamin found in hair loss shampoos as it is found in a number of our favourite protein foods such as meat and eggs, as well as healthy greens. It’s a necessary agent for hair growth and so if it’s something you’re deficient in diet-wise, your doo is always going to be looking slightly sparse.

By having it included in your shampoo, you’re actively applying this crucial hair care vitamin directly to the scalp, creating a great foundation for positive hair growth.

Hydrolysed Proteins
Protein comes in many forms and when hydrolysed, this means they break down in water and create a better reaction with your hair. Popular hydrolysed proteins to watch out for include Keratin, Wheat and Collagen, as these help add volume and strength to hair strands.

An ingredient you’ll see a lot of in popular anti-dandruff shampoo, this an ingredient to watch out for if you’re already suffering hairline is also under a lot of duress from a dry and irritated scalp.
It’s also said to increase overall hair thickness for hair follicles as they grow.

Zinc Pyrithione
Another anti-dandruff agent you may want to consider is zinc pyrithione as it is often used in the treatment of dermatological conditions, particularly seborrheic dermatitis.

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the byproduct of testosterone responsible for male pattern baldness. Shampoos which help combat DHT can help improve your current hair condition and potentially decrease your rate of androgenic alopecia. Biotin, which we’ve already mentioned is a natural DHT blocker, as is caffeine (which we’re about too), but there is actually a wide range of natural ingredients out there which boast anti-DHT properties, so keep an eye out for them!

A few years ago, caffeine shampoo was touted as the miracle cure for hair regrowth and while this has since been dismissed as hyperbole, the fact remains that under laboratory conditions, caffeine has been proven to stimulate growth in hair follicles. While it won’t be anywhere near as effective on a human scalp, caffeine can still help increase blood flow to the scalp and give hair follicles a much-needed boost.

Coconut Oil
Improving the strength of your locks, coconut oil helps remove sebum buildup to keep hair fresh and non-greasy, a great thickening agent!

Considering Your Hair Type

Remember that everyone’s scalp and hair type is different, so while you might read rave reviews about one product, you need to consider that your own experience might totally differ if your noggin has very specific needs.

If you have a dry scalp, you’ll need shampoos with plenty of moisturising agents, vitamins and ingredients which can treat dry scalp. If you have an oilier, greasier scalp you may want to make sure it contains less harsh ingredients that strip the hair of its natural oil.

Know your hair type before browsing so you can make a more informed decision and pick something that’s right for you, not everyone else.

With that being said, here are some harsher ingredients to avoid base on your hair type:

Ingredients To Avoid

We should stress that avoiding all ingredients in shampoo is close to impossible, but by reading through and reading their effects, you’ll be able to ascertain which ones are going to be nasty on your particular hair type.

These are found in most shampoos, so you may struggle to find a paraben free option, however, if you struggle with dry scalp conditions, they’ve been known to cause mild irritation.

These are surfactants which create that classic lather effect of shampoo. But while it might make it look like things better, they are often a cause of dry and irritated skin.

While silicone does provide a nice slick and slippery texture, it actually has no benefits for hair and can cause build-up on your roots, killing your hair vibrancy!

Excess Oils
If you have oily hair, a load of extra oils for moisturisation isn’t needed, as you’ll end up just looking greasy!

Sodium Chloride
Otherwise known as salt, this stuff has been known to make sensitive scalps dry and itchy and even cause hair loss! Hence why your hair never feels too great after a swim in the sea!

Not the type you have down the pub on a Friday, but things like isopropyl and propanol often used in beauty products, these can be damaging to your hair.

A thick ingredient which can clog your pores and cause irritation to the scalp.

Bottle Size

While it’s advised to use a limited amount of shampoo with every wash, we realise some of you enjoy a more liberal amount which means bottle size will be of particular importance to you.

Most bottles are around 250ml, but If you’re someone who goes through a bottle in no time at all and your chosen hair thickening shampoo is a little difficult to find on the supermarket shelf, you’re going to want to purchase a larger bottle.

The actual shape and size of your bottle may also be of importance to you if you need to travel to the gym or away from home!


In general, most quality specialist shampoos designed to help thinning hair range between £10 and £20.

Anything well above this range usually has to promise incredibly high-quality or be a reputable brand to be worth the money and anything under £10 will usually be a cheaper made product, increasing the risk of it containing shortcut ingredients like silicone and parabens that are nasty for your hair.


When browsing shampoos for a specific purpose, you tend to come across brands that aren’t quite as commonly found in the supermarket. It’s probably best to do some research behind any brand you choose to check they are authentic and trustworthy, so be sure to consult plenty of reviews and read into brands. The less you can find out, the less trustworthy they probably are, because if they’ve found the remedy to hair care, you’d surely know about it by now!

FAQs On Receding Hair Shampoo

How does hair thickening shampoo work?

Hair thickening shampoos usually work by being packed with proteins designed to plump up each individual strand of hair to give you a fuller and more voluminous appearance.

Hair is made up almost entirely of the protein keratin with around 10% water, and so there is also often vitamins and minerals added to hair thickening shampoos too, which provides them with nutrients as well as the proteins your hair needs to thrive and thicken.

The protein helps strengthen the outer layer of each individual hair to make it denser and stronger, while vitamins and minerals work on the roots of your hair, encouraging moisture to penetrate the root and cause the hair to swell.

If your shampoo is also designed to support thinning hair as well as thicken what hair remains, it may also include ingredients designed to encourage hair growth or at the very least maintain optimum scalp health to prevent hair loss through inflammation or bacteria.

Can shampoo prevent hair loss?

Unfortunately, there is no miracle shampoo product which can reverse the effects of male pattern baldness.

The loss of hair due to surpluses of DHT produced in your body is a hormonal state and while rubbing some shampoo on your head might remove the DHT momentarily, it’s never going to stop your continued production of testosterone and its byproducts.

That being said, many medical experts do recommend hair thickening or ‘hair growth’ shampoos to be used in tandem with more effective hair loss drug treatments.

This is because while many hair loss shampoos can not be proven to prevent hair loss on their own, they still do boast fantastic ingredients and properties for hair health.

By helping reduce inflammation or tackle skin conditions through ingredients like ketoconazole, a high-quality hair loss shampoo will help prevent any non-hormonal hair loss simply caused by scalp damage.

As many also contain DHT blockers and hair growth stimulants such as caffeine and biotin they will also help the follicles that are still going to thrive and give an appearance of thicker, healthier hair!