Small home office ideas

Small Office Ideas

As wonderful as a big private room may be, many of us just don’t have that luxury when it comes to choosing our office space. A lot of us have to be savvy with our space which is probably why minimalist decor is so popular and why so many people search the internet for ways to declutter.

So if you’re part of the many folks that find themselves in need of a home office but find they have a shortage of space, then check out our tips on how to maximise that space and discover some great ideas for your small office.

1. Colour

It seems pretty obvious but choosing the right colours for your space is really important. The colour on your walls and the colour pallet of furnishings and furniture can transform a space. Light, calming colours are ideal for the walls because you want the area to feel soothing and bright if you’re going to be working there. White is great because it creates the illusion of more space and is a great canvas to add to.

If you’re worried about it looking flat, then you can add textures like woods and metals, as well as shelving and accessories like plants and artwork.

Lighter pallets also mean that you can afford to go a little crazier with your furnishings; a colourful chair, an embroidered rug, or a bright cushion are all ways that you can add colour and personality later.

2. Vertical Storage

With a small office, there isn’t going to be a lot of ground area, so you have to make the most of the space you have going upwards. If you need storage, think tall and thin rather than low and bulky. You will most likely have more space upwards than ground space, so shelves and tall wall units are ideal.

3. Smart Ladder Desk

Ladders have become a staple in modern decor and have now become a popular choice for a desk too. Ladder desks are specially designed to provide ample space and sturdiness at the bottom for you to place your laptop or computer on while providing shelving and space above.

They provide so much more space than a normal desk would, and they also look incredibly chic. Place a few books, an ornament and a hanging plant on there, and you have the kind of set up that’s worthy of Pinterest.

4. Plants

Light plants make even the saddest of areas look bright and welcoming. It’s also been scientifically proven that the presence of plants has a calming effect as well, so this accessory is a no brainer!

Succulent plants like cacti are great for desks because they’re so small and grass-like plants are nice because they brighten the place with their lighter shade of green.

However, if the area is struggling to get any light, then aim for plants that can live in the shade, like arcea palms, spider plants, and parlour plants.

Or try artificial plants from places like Next Home, Amazon, John Lewis and Ikea. Artificial plants are zero maintenance, and providing you get quality ones, they look just as lovely.

5. Desk Storage

If you have files and papers that you have to hold onto then try to find storage boxes that are able to fit under your desk and are aesthetically pleasing so they add style and charm to the area as well as being practical. Wicker baskets are popular choices as well as geometric designs.

A lot of desks offer smart storage solutions, including attachable baskets and trays, as well as the more conventional style of desk drawers. If you’re looking for a desk with drawers, it’s handy to choose the desks that have a drawer that’s the width of the desk but not very deep. This will give you the chance to have drawers as well as storage.

Ladder desk, desk plants, desk drawers

6. Minimalist Furniture

Old-school, elaborate walnut desks are beautiful and look especially great when smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey. However, if you don’t want a desk that takes up half the room, opt for minimal furniture. Forget the thick desk and bulky chest of drawers and instead go for furniture that’s open and utilises translucent designs like cages and mesh as well as thin steel poles to maximise the feeling of space.

The industrial style is really popular because not only does it blend woods and metals, but it incorporates a stripped-back design that looks less heavy.

7. Accessories and Desk Organisers

As well as plants, the odd accessory will do a lot for a small space. You want your office to still be a place where you want to hang out, a place that feels fun and inviting. So add a few things to the wall, shelves or on your desk. Think small things for your desk like an ornament or a sleek lamp. For shelves, try a photo or a framed quote. Check out our line up of the best desk accessories for more inspirations!

For your walls, you can add some art and colour to brighten the place and make it visually more interesting.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a desk organiser too.  Not only do they look sleek, but they create space by having everything in one neat spot rather than taking up your entire table.  That way, you won’t be stressing over the clutter of notepads and papers while desperately trying to find a pen.

8. Utilising Dead Space

You know those awkward areas in your house, the corners you’re just not sure what to do with? Whether it’s the cove at the side of a fireplace, the spot under the stairs or the unused space in the sloping loft. These areas are perfect to fit a desk under. With a bit of design inspiration, you can maximise an otherwise redundant space into something chic and practical.

Final note:

It’s always surprising where you can make space with a bit of room configuration. You may be using up valuable space for storage when those things could perhaps go under the bed.

Try to declutter as much as possible with a minimalist attitude and maximise wall space as much as possible. And whenever you can go paperless. You can scan and save documents to your google drive and throw out the paper copy.

You’ll be saving the environment and your sanity by losing the endless messy piles of paper.