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10 Best Desk Accessories for 2021

The best desk accessories to keep you organised and efficient at home

Best Desk Accessories
  • Desk accessories will include organisational tools and items to brighten up your space
  • But you may also need something which can give you a quick burst of distraction or a break
  • Everyone’s desk setup will need to be different depending on their job and personal preferences
  • Below are some of the best desk accessories which can spruce up your work area

Our Top Picks

The Best Desk Accessories For Home Offices

Desk accessories are a wide-ranging category, and what you do at your desk may mean your setup needs to change versus everyone else in your household.

Maybe you need somewhere you can keep all of your papers in one place, or the letters you have to go through. Maybe you are still a fan of taking notes in books so need somewhere to keep all your pens and highlighters. Or, do you simply need to brighten up the place and create a calm oasis?

Below, we have letter holders, organisers, and other fun things which can help you when you need to take your eyes off the screen or have to sit and think for a while.

The Essential Desk Accessory Buying Guide


There is one big function of a desk accessory – to organise your belongings.

Whether it be papers, pens or your charging wires, clutter can play havoc on our workspaces. You need your desk to be tidy – and we know most aren’t!

But this means you also want your accessories to look nice. Decorative accessories are also available, from files and folders which spruce the place up to traditional decoration such as plants and vases.

Desk Accessories: What You Need To Know

Why do I need desk accessories?

As mentioned, having clutter about can really affect your productivity. Therefore, it is best to keep everything organised and have your space as calm and inviting as possible.

If you work from home, you may also struggle with the fact you need to share your space with your recreational activities or others in your household. So, you need to invest in what keeps everything tidy and organised and what spruces it up.