12 ideas for a masculine office

Masculine, industrial style home office

Whether you’ve got an entire room to play with or the tiny nook under your stairs, these ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to create that super sauve home office that will have you feeling like a boss in no time. Once you’re done, check out our round-up of the best office chairs that will bring both style and comfort to your working space!

1. Industrial Style


Industrial style office
Image credit: woodchipandmagnolia.co.uk

Cut out the fluff and fuss and instead incorporate a minimalism and necessity style; the industrial style has dramatically risen in popularity, all thanks to its no-nonsense attitude. It combines wood, brick and metal in their rawest form to create a sleek, simple look that invites the feeling of space. The industrial style feels a little bit more daring than comfort, and in our minds, it feels a little bit more Manish as well. So try to look for furniture and accessories that use metal rods for openness and stripped back wood as opposed to glossy treated wood.

2. Geometrics

Geometric rug for masculine office
Image credit: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

If you’re not feeling the floral rug, why not try a geometric style? Originally from Greek culture, the geometric design values straight lines and repetition over swirls and florals. It’s a perfect way to add patterns without your space replicating your nan’s house. And while we don’t want to gender a pattern, there is a historical belief that straight lines and sharpness are seen as masculine instead of curves and softness.

So, if you’re looking to add an interesting focal point to your office that also adds a certain vibe, then geometric designs might just be a great choice.

3. Black Is The New Black

Black wall for masculine office ideas
Image Credit: stuartgraham.co.za

Black is brave, but there’s no denying that its drama is impressive. Black has a way of making everything else pop, and it’s also incredibly sophisticated. So if you want an office space that manages to feel both elegant and stripped back at the same time, then it may be good to incorporate some black. Whether it’s the wall or furniture, combine it with metal and browns or contrast it entirely with white, and you’ll be on your way to a great looking home office.

4. Gold And Green Is A Winning Combination

Gold and green office ideas

There’s something about gold and emerald green that just works. The two colours have a way of bringing out the best in each other, and if you’re looking for home office inspiration, you really can’t go wrong with a gold and green combo! If you’re feeling brave, take a leaf out of this guy’s book and try an emerald green wall with gold pictures and a lampshade. It’s classy yet simple.

5. Go Western With A Cowhide Rug

cow hide rug office ideas
Image Credit: blog.scoutandnimble.com

No masculine office is complete without a good old cowboy feel. We especially love the cowhide rug in this design because it brings out the earthiness of the green. These rugs are bound to add wildness to any office, but if you’re worried about them being ethical, you can now buy faux cowhide rugs from places like Etsy, so you can still get the style without the compromise on your principles.

6. Wall Art

wall art for masculine office ideas
Image Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Not only is wall art great when you need a distraction from work, but it also makes the office a much more appealing place to spend time in. Being surrounded by art or prints of the things you love is a sure-fire way to make you want to spend more time in that place. Wall art also looks really cool too and adds character and texture.

Our recommendations include maps (the world map), space, pop culture, quote, city skyline photography or maybe your sporting heroes to motivate you.

7. Cage Accessories

cage lightshade for masculine office ideas
Image Credit: nextluxury.com

With a recent resurgence of this interior design, we think the industrial might just be having another revolution. Steel caged accessories have made a big comeback from light shades and plant pots to desk organisers and furniture; you can pretty much find the cage-style just about anywhere. And as far as a masculine style goes, a black steel cage is pretty on point, given that it reminds us of the tough industrial landscape that our forefathers worked in.

Try incorporating some cage accessories into your office space to achieve that stripped back, cool and no-nonsense feel.

8. No Office Is Complete Without A Plant

Plants for small office ideas
Image Credit: craftberrybush.com

When you’re blending dark colours with woods and browns, a plant will be the thing that ties it all together perfectly. Plants add texture, levels and brightness to a space, while also giving you the kind of ruggedness that you want in your masculine area. Plants have also been scientifically proven to boost your mood as well, which is always an added bonus.

9. The Power Of Shelves

shelves for small office ideas
Image Credit: nextluxury.com

When you’re short on space, shelves are your best friend. Not only are they incredibly useful, but they’re also visually interesting and a great way to inject some personality into your office. Fill your shelves with art, plants and ornaments, and suddenly the place has texture and character. We especially like the camera theme within these shelves, so why not get some inspiration and run a theme through your shelving and accessories. You can incorporate the theme of travel, nature, beach, industrial, music, culture or cars; the possibilities are endless.

10. The Beauty Of Natural Wood

natural wood desk ideas for masculine office
Image Credit – Nextluxury.com

The relationship between men and wood has always been a strong one and one that has been there since the dawn of time. So if you’re wanting to butch up your office space, then it makes sense to incorporate some raw and rugged wood. We especially love this desk that has an earthy distressed look to it. It adds character to the room, and rather than just being ‘a desk,’ instead it becomes a standout piece that’s interesting and appealing.

11. Pop Of Colour

Colourful chair ideas for masculine office
Image Credit: domino.com

Not only does the combination of the frames and the navy look fantastic in this, but the pop of the ochre-coloured chair really brings the room together. Navy and white can look a bit flat on their own, so adding a statement piece that brings bright colours to the room will transform the space from nice to ‘wow, that’s an impressive room’.

12. Neutrals

Ideas For masculine office
Image Credit: decorlovin.com


If you don’t have a lot of space and that feels dingy, black or navy might not be the answer. Instead, try neutrals. But we don’t just mean bland magnolia; try white walls and texture. So think warm wooden shelves, warm leather and basket accessories as well as textiles and ornaments to add different shades of neutrals and different layers.

We hope by now you’ve got some inspiration for your home office and if you need any more check out our round-up of the best office chairs and the best desk accessories.