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10 Best Chopping Boards for 2021

The best chopping boards to enhance your culinary skills

Best Chopping Boards
  • Chopping boards are a key feature in any kitchen, yet a component that’s often not thought of. They’re the perfect right-hand man to your knives and are always ready to showcase your cheffing skills
  • And since the right chopping board can add character to a room as well as protect your knives and turn your cooking experiences into from stressful to blissful, making a smart purchase is important
  • Whether wood or slate, glass or marble,  whichever style or feature that you’re looking for, we’ve compiled the best of each category to find you the perfect chopping board for your kitchen and your needs

Our Top Picks

The Best Chopping Boards

Who doesn’t love a man that can cook, right? Exactly… so get the knives ready because it may be time to invest in a new chopping board and get those skills sharper than your new swanky knife set.

Whatever style and material you’re after, browse our list of the best chopping boards available that are truly a cut above the rest, and we’ll have you cheffing so good you’ll even have Gordan Ramsay put in his place.

We think the Joseph Joseph Bamboo Chopping Board is the best overall thanks to its environmental friendliness and the innovative design of index tabs to ensure smooth organisation.

Chopping Board Buying Guide



As mentioned above, wood is by far the most beneficial for your knives because the blade can press into it easily and absorbs impact.

And while you may have to pay a little more for one, an end grain wood board is the most superior and the most suitable for preserving the longevity of your expensive kitchen knives since the knife can go between the wood fibres.

End-grain wood chopping boards also have cool self-healing properties, so investing in an end-grain will certainly make your money go further and will go the distance.


Plastic is great because of its practicality. Most plastic chopping boards can go in the dishwasher and can tolerate harsh chemicals like bleach.

They’re also a much cheaper option to a quality wood. However, they don’t last as long with grooves and cuts occurring in them more frequently. It’s also important to consider that you’ll have to keep on top of cleaning them more as bacteria can grow in these grooves.

Polyethene and silicone are both bacteria-resistant, so if you’re choosing a plastic chopping board, looking out for these materials is definitely the smarter choice.


Glass provides many benefits; for example, it’s certainly the option that provides pretty and creative alternatives. It has the added advantage of being really easy to clean since they’re non-porous.

The main thing to consider with glass is that it has less grip and can be more slippy. It’s also harder on the blade of a knife, but it’s also their smoothness that makes them the best for kneading dough and rolling out pastry.

Your Questions Answered

Is a wood chopping board easy to take care of?

When you’re looking for a wooden chopping board, you should look for ones that are specially sealed and oiled, however, to maintain the board, it should be re-oiled once a month for the first six and then after that, about twice a year.

If you buy a quality wood such as end-grain and care for it correctly, then you might find a chopping board that lasts a lifetime. And while plastic may be cheaper to begin with, investing in a wooden one will certainly go the distance.

What oil do I need to use on a wooden chopping board?

To keep your board looking ship-shape, you should use a wood oil that’s specifically designed for chopping boards such as the Furniture Clinic Chopping Board Oil. Always check that the oil is food grade and FDA approved.

What does the colour of my chopping board mean?

If you’re buying a set of chopping boards, you may want to know what each is for:

  • Red – Raw meat
  • Blue – Fish
  • Green – Salad and fruit
  • White – Dairy and bakery
  • Brown – Vegetables
  • Yellow – Cooked meat

Where can I buy a chopping board?

You can buy a chopping board from pretty much everywhere, such as any supermarket including Asda, Tesco or Sainsburys.

Home stores including Wilkos, Ikea, John Lewis, and Debenhams should also have them in stock within the shop, but if you’re going for a board with specific features such as hand-carved end-grain wood or a smart design, then buying online will definitely offer much more choice and more innovative and unique options.