Do I need a single or dual zone wine fridge?

Single Or Dual Zone Wine Fridge

You have read all about the different temperatures required for storing and serving wine when you’re at home, so now you are ready to buy a wine fridge.

But which wine fridge is best for you? Not only do they come in various designs, sizes, and temperature limitations, but they can also come with single or dual temperature zones.

Which do you need? Well, it all depends if you’re using the fridge for storing, serving or both.

Single Temperature Zones

Do you just drink red? Maybe white is your preference?

If so, a single zone is perfectly fine. In actual fact, even if you drink both, they can be kept in the same fridge as long as the temperature is regulated and doesn’t fluctuate.

You can set the temperature at the right limit for storage (or drinking if they aren’t in there for long), and then leave them to adjust a little bit before serving.

How To Choose A Wine Fridge

Dual Temperature Zones

They are a bit more expensive and a bit larger usually, but a dual temperature zone can be great for various reasons.

Firstly, you can have a storage zone and a serving zone. Serving temperatures are usually a few degrees higher than storage, and it is recommended that you leave them out for a little while to adjust.

But this sudden change from a cool area to a warm home, especially if the heating is on or it is a warm summers day. So, popping it into a fridge which is just a few degrees warmer can help.

Or, if you have a collection of both red and white wines, a dual-zone can mean you can store white wine a few degrees celsius. In most instances, it isn’t always needed, but if you’ll be storing them for longer periods, it could be worthwhile investing.

Triple Zones

These are for the real wine buffs (if you are lacking a wine cellar, that is).

Great if you have whites to store, reds to store and wines to drink too. Perhaps you have collectables which really need to be kept stable for a longer time. Alternatively, keep champagne in the third zone – it needs to ideally be kept a little cooler than white wine.

Can I Use A Wine Fridge To Store Other Drinks?

Maybe you’re thinking that a dual or triple zone fridge would actually be the best way to store your wines and beers?

Most wine fridges will not go below about 10C, so this may not be cool enough for other beverages, especially ice-cold beers bottles.

Can’t I Store Wine In A Normal Fridge?

Again, they’re usually not warm enough and you don’t want to alter the temperature as it would damage your food. Ordinary drinks such as soft drinks or beer would be okay.

Dedicated wine fridges will also ensure you don’t take up space for food, especially if you like to have a few bottles at any one time.