Hand luggage hacks: What to pack in your carry-on

Handy Things To Pack In Hand Luggage

Your hand luggage has one big purpose – to allow you to keep the essentials close. You can of course travel carry-on only, but for most people, their hand luggage is simply a bag which they have on them at all times. There will be all of the things in your cabin bag which you […]

How to travel hand luggage only

How To Travel Hand Luggage Only

It is thought that around 20% of travellers stick to just hand luggage for a two week holiday. Quite a horrifying thought. What about all those repeated outfits? Travelling without your pot of hair gel? Having to squeeze everything into that tiny Ryanair-friendly case? Unfortunately, 30% of these travellers will likely have to pay extra […]

Hand luggage: What you can and can’t carry on a plane

What You Can Carry In Hand Luggage

There are restrictions on what you can carry in an item of hand luggage when flying from a UK airport. As well as the size of the bag being important, what is inside it is also controlled. Airport security staff can also have the last say – that is, take away anything which they deem […]

Best cabin bags for a hassle-free weekend away

Best Cabin Carry On Hand Luggage

Whether you’re travelling light or need some extra space, cabin bags are there to be made use of But every airline has its own restrictions in size and weight which can make it difficult You’ll have to think about these, as well as where the luggage can be kept in-flight Also consider things such as […]