7 Mind-blowing LEGO creations that NEED to become real sets!

best lego set ideas for adults

Given most children have mastered an iPad from the age of three these days, the future for LEGO is now somewhat hanging in the balance. But as less and less of the new generations take up the ingenious brick as part of their passage into adulthood, older generations continue to get a kick out of […]

The best LEGO for adults: Challenging, large-scale builds for the older imagineer

best adult lego sets

LEGO isn’t just for kids these days and there are now more adult-themed sets on the market than ever before! Perfect for stressed-out workaholics, inventive Imagineers and just plain old geeks for the delightful Danish brick, LEGO is a hobby that doesn’t have an age restriction – so there’s no need for your collections to […]