How to tell if wine has gone bad: 3 simple signs

How To Tell If Your Wine Is Off

You don’t always have to drink the wine which you open with a meal straight away (as tempting as it can be). But you may also panic, thinking that when you go back to the bottle the next day, it doesn’t taste as nice or has gone off. Maybe you only drink on the weekends, […]

Best beer subscriptions & delivery boxes: Discover rare craft beer, IPAs & classic ales

best beer delivery service

For those bored by the same old supermarket beer adorning the shelves, online beer subscriptions are now the easiest and quickest way to secure yourself unique, unusual and rare craft beer delights. Showcasing everything from small-batch, bespoke breweries creating dark ales and stouts to fun and funky IPA innovators, beer subscriptions allow you to get […]

How to store wine at home: Tips you need to know

How to store wine at home

Unless you buy the cheapest bottle of plonk in the supermarket and don’t care for how it tastes, you are probably wondering how best to keep your wine so you get the most out of it when it comes to drinking it. The temperature, amount of natural light and stability of the bottle an all […]

How to be more sustainable in your working day

Environmentally friendly bamboo

In recent years, we’ve come to see the word ‘sustainable’ just about everywhere. It’s the new trend in the cosmetics industry, the clothing industry and well just about every industry now. From recycled phone cases to sustainable toothbrushes, it has never been easier to find an environmentally friendly replacement for your daily uses, but just […]

Do you have the cojones to face the world’s 10 hottest hot sauces?

spiciest hot sauce in the world

Where would we men be today if it weren’t for the hot sauce? – life’s little additive that puts hairs on the chest and gives fellas both a figurative and literal kick up the arse (especially on exit). With the vast majority of UK meals being so bland they’re beyond comprehension, we’d be lost without […]

Best hot sauces for chilliheads and Hot Ones fans!

best spicy sauces

The ultimate gift for spice fiends and ‘chilli heads’, the strength of hot sauce in your fridge isn’t just a reflection of your personal taste – it’s a statement of your masculinity. If it doesn’t numb every taste bud and have you convulsing in pain… it just isn’t hot enough. From genuinely tasty spiced condiments […]

Best curry kits to spice up your evenings and beat the takeaway!

best curry cookery kit

The humble curry kit is the faithful weapon of any cheat chef, as it allows you to conjure up an absolutely barnstorming dish that beats the takeaway and will have all the fam licking their plates clean as you fraudulently accept your crown as the Curry King To help you find the best option for […]

The best laptop sleeves to protect your tech in style

Best Laptop Sleeves

Laptops are pretty delicate things that are susceptible to scratches and breaking easily, and so simply placing your tech in your bag just won’t cut it for taking care of it You need a protective layer surrounding your laptop that will ensure it doesn’t scratch, bend or break if it’s dropped and that’s precisely what […]