Best folding bikes for more portable cycling and daily commuting

best portable bicycle

The ultimate companion of today’s London commuters, the folding bike is an increasingly popular vehicle for those looking to make up the minutes from home to work without lugging around a traditional bicycle Folding bikes are also popular amongst leisurely riders and holiday cyclists, as they allow you to slot a more portable, storable bicycle […]

Best vegan protein powders for 100% plant-based post-workout fuel

best plant based protein powders

For vegans struggling to make muscle gains in the gym without suitable protein supplements, a high-quality vegan protein powder or blend can help you get a much needed post-recovery portion from plant-based sources without sacrificing your personal diet or ethos. From pea-based powders to high-protein blends of hemp, rice and more, it’s easier than ever […]

Best fitness trackers: Top picks from Fitbit, Garmin & others

Best Fitness Tracker

If you take your fitness seriously, a dedicated tracker can give you the data you need They give you important information such as heart rate, calories burnt and can also track your running routes But not every tracker is made equal, so there may be some essentials you want to look out for We found […]