Leather jacket cleaning & care guide

The leather jacket is a clothing item famed for its longevity, which is why most blokes are willing to fork out hundreds if not thousands of pounds for a good quality one. Seen as an intelligent investment – it’s the sort of jacket you plan on wearing to the grave; a jacket that’ll grow old […]

How to soften a leather jacket for a better fit and feel

A new leather jacket is meant to make you look like The Terminator – a rebellious and ruthless rogue, with a devil may care attitude. What no one tells you about new leather jackets though is that they can often have you literally feeling like The Terminator – robotic, stiff and slow… like living tissue […]

Distressing a leather jacket: 5 ways to get vintage quick

A vintage leather jacket can tell a thousand stories… It’s a jacket that’s been places and seen things the rest of us can only dream of… so maybe the bloke wearing it has too? We assume that’s the idea behind vintage clothing anyway, because in the last few decades, donning second-hand or severely aged gear […]

How to wear a leather jacket: Men’s leather jacket style guide

how to choose a leather jacket

Deciding that you want to start wearing a leather jacket is a bit like choosing hang gliding as your next hobby. Best-case scenario? It could be the greatest decision of your life, the jacket helping you soar to new unparalleled heights of sophistication and swagger. You’ll literally ooze self-confidence and masculinity, while everyone around you […]

How to declutter your wallet (and keep it that way)

How To Declutter Your Wallet

A man’s wallet can either be an organised tool where everything for just that day is included or a big of a cluttered mess where a lifetimes-worth of receipts and pennies call home. This guide is for those of you who fall in the latter category, which is probably most of you reading this as […]