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10 Best Wireless Earbuds for 2021

The best wireless earbuds: 2021 update

Best Wireless Earbuds
  • With incredible audio and the kind of smart features that give your phone a run for its money, it’s no wonder the market has seen a boom in the sales on wireless earbuds.
  • Whether you’re commuting, exercising or organising a social event, wireless earbuds provide a richer experience and make for a smooth and seamless alternative that’s guaranteed to bring more ease to your day.
  • But with so much choice, which ones will truly give you more bang for your buck?
  • Our team have scoured the market researching a wide variety of products, and the experiences consumers have had, to find you the best wireless earbuds available. We’ve only included the options that we’d use ourselves and have compiled them in a list for you to compare and contrast.

Our Top Picks

Best Wireless Earbuds

Gone are the days of having to untangle your earphones from your keys… those days of placing them neatly into your pocket only to return later to a knotted mess.

Yes, that’s right. There’s a new toy in town, and it doesn’t simply ‘just play music’, but delivers an auditory experience, answers your calls, sends messages and interacts with digital assistants.

You probably already guessed it, and you’re right we’re talking about wireless earbuds.

And since they’re ever-growing in popularity and so many companies bring different ones to the market, we thought it would be a pretty good time to explore the options.

So whether you’re looking for battery life, smart features, ease of conversation or durability, we’ve researched and looked into a multitude of products to narrow down a list of the best wireless earbuds available right now.

We think the best earbuds overall are the Apple Airpod Pro’s thanks to the smart features they have as well as the active noise cancellation and the transparancy mode.

Buying Guide


If you’re big on fitness or the big outdoors, then you should focus on earbuds that are sweatproof and waterproof. Look for an IPX rating of 4 or 5 – this level can withstand a large amount of water. It’s also wise to look at the warranty of the earbuds as well. A two-year manufacturer warranty seems to be the usual amount.

Size / Comfort

There’s no point in having great earbuds if they don’t fit in your ear. Ear size is really important to ensure you can wear the buds for a long period of time without them hurting and that they’re not going to fall out.

When choosing a pair, ask yourself, are there multiple options of earbud sizes? And has the shape been ergonomically designed to ensure they remain in the ear regardless of the activity you’re doing?


Earbuds that also allow you to control your music with one touch will make exercise smoother and more consistent, And if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, features such as ‘find my earbud’ will be handy as well.


If your earbuds are mainly going to be used for commuting and potential work purposes, you need to find versatile ones when it comes to the amount of sound you allow in.

You’ll want a pair that allows you to let outside noise in on one touch, for example, if you need to hear a quick announcement or hear what someone is saying without having to wait to turn the volume down.

Noise Cancelling / Reducing

Many are noise cancelling which is great for undisturbed music, but if you want to use your earbuds to take work calls on the go, you need a pair that is smart in being able to hone in on your voice and drown out background noise, so you have excellent call quality that’s pure and crisp.

Battery Life

Earbuds with smart features, noise-cancelling technology and a stronger Bluetooth range tend to drain the battery more, so again, deciding what the most important feature of your earbuds is will help you determine whether to choose ones that offer more generally but have a lower battery life or choosing the earbuds that prioritise battery life.

When considering battery life, look out for the features on the charging case as well. Some charging cases offer 24 hours in total and quick 15 minute boosts that allow 1.5 hours of playback. The Samsung Galaxy S20 also gives you the option to charge via your phone and the Samsung Galaxy Plus Buds provide a handy app that allows you to check your earbuds battery life so you won’t get caught out.


A strong Bluetooth connection is crucial for all wireless earbuds, but the Bluetooth that delivers the longest range will provide the strongest connectivity. Look out for earbuds with a Bluetooth 5.0 microchip as it’s a high performance and low energy.

It may be good to see how compatible earbuds are with the device you have and check customer reviews to see how people have connected their earbuds to IOS, androids or laptops.

Final Note

Whether features, integration, price, durability or appearance is your deciding factor, if you’re choosing any of the earbuds from the list above, you’re not going to be disappointed. Each set is impressive in its own right.

All of them deliver quality sound, so it’s down to what you believe will be most comfortable in your ear, your daily activity when using them, and what you prioritise as the main importance of the product.

Your Questions Answered

True wireless earbuds or wired earphones?

There are many pros to the originally wired earphones; they’re easier, and you don’t ever have to worry about losing connection. They don’t drain your phone battery, and you don’t have to rely on them being charged.

And while earbuds have trackers, wired earphones might be a wiser choice if you are prone to misplacing things. But there is a lot of freedom with earbuds that continue to make them popular.  In many ways, they’re easier to exercise and to commute with.

The added benefit of active noise cancellation and the ability to receive phone calls and access google assist in making daily activities run smoother. So if smart features are more important than simplicity, then wireless earbuds are for you.

Are wireless earbuds worth it?

In short, yes, they are. But the worth of earbuds is only the total of the consumer’s experience of them rather than what the brands are advertising. This is why it’s important to check customer reviews as well as professional product reviews, ensuring you’ve done proper research into finding the right pair for your phone. Find out how the earbuds have performed for other people with your phone and how the connectivity, the apps and controls held up because this may vary.

But proper research into a product and real-life experiences of the product is a sure-fire way to finding a product that’s worth it. Even if they’re from a quality brand, each pair will have some drawbacks, so decide what you will and won’t compromise on beforehand.

Where to buy wireless earbuds?

You can buy wireless earbuds from all major department stores, including Argos, OnBuy, Very, Currys, John Lewis and AO. However, when buying online, you have access to more models and different designs to see what you can really get for your money; it’s better to shop online.

Are expensive earbuds better?

If you want quality earbuds, the option is never going to be cheap. But there is still a massive price range within all the top brands. The most expensive being the best for you isn’t necessarily right.

While some may be the leaders in sound and twice as expensive, they lack water resistance, making them poor for heavy-duty exercise. And while you may have active-noise cancellation on a more expensive pair, the battery may be pretty weak compared to others. So it’s all relative to your priorities.