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10 Best Wine Fridges for 2021

The best wine fridges for style, storage & sophistication

Best Wine Fridge
  • Wine fridges are ideal for keeping your wine at the perfect temperature
  • Most also have features such as wooden shelving to reduce vibrations
  • They can also display your collection perfectly, making it easy to find your chosen bottle
  • But they come in a range of sizes, styles and flexibilities to choose from

Our Top Picks

The Best Wine Coolers for Home

A wine fridge can have several purposes, from displaying your collection for all your guests to see to keeping your wines at just the right temperature for preservation and enjoyability when drinking.

But depending on your home, the perfect wine fridge for you could be harder to find than you initially thought. Maybe you need something quite slimline which will sit under your counter in the kitchen or a countertop fridge for the garage?

You may also need a speciality fridge depending on the type of wine you have. As you’ll read in the buying guide, different wines need different temperatures – and also come in different bottles.

The Essential Wine Fridge Buying Guide


If you already have a particular place you’d like to fit the fridge into, measure it well. Take into consideration the door opening and any space required around the fridge.

Wine fridges can come as under-counter (most commonly), freestanding or tall, and as well they can be double-doored, single doored (able to hold around 5 bottles per row) or slimline (one single bottle per row) and able to sit in those small sections every kitchen needs to fill.


Wine fridges will usually be around the £100 to £300 mark. This all depends on storage capacity, extras (such as defrosting ability, lighting, UV protection etc) and brand.

Some can be found for under £100 which are still great – we have a budget pick on our page – but these will often lack any particularly standout features (although some have surprisingly great capacity).

Wine fridges can reach up to £1,000 and beyond. These are for anyone who would like a proper wine cellar of feels a bit like Frasier Crane when talking about drinks, but who needs to work with the space they have got.

Running Cost

Wine fridges need to be on at all times and therefore, you’re not going to want to buy one which costs over the earth to run annually.

The good news is that like with most modern appliances, they’re usually rated A or above so shouldn’t cost any more than £30 per year – although sizes and temperatures can affect this.

Wine Fridges: Frequently Asked

What temperature should I be storing wine at?

The ideal wine storage temperature is around 10 to 15°C (50 and 59°F), but there will be no long-term damage if it is stored as high as 21°C (70°F).

The main thing is that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much – don’t set the fridge at the upper end one day and the lower the next. This would cause the wine to expand and contract, which lets air in. Oxygen is wine’s worst enemy.

We have a full guide on how to store your wine at home.

Where do I place a wine fridge?

The kitchen is an ideal spot. This way, it isn’t too warm nor too cold, and lighting is often just right too. But you may also want to place it in a bar area or your living room/office, in which case just ensure it isn’t near any radiators or on an unstable soft surface.