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10 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

The best subscription boxes for men: From rare whiskey clubs to gadget discoveries

best mens gift subscription

Subscription boxes are a personal pick-me-up and a specially curated treasure trove of the products you love, making it easy to get something new and wondrous delivered to your door on a regular basis!

Order one for yourself to dive into a new passion or satiate an existing one, or gift to a friend as a more thoughtful and unusual gift. Why spoil them on just their birthday and Christmas when you can continue to shower them in goodies all year round – subscription boxes are literally a gift that keeps on giving!

From specialised food hampers to personalised clothing or grooming products, subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and in plenty of different genres! So whether it’s a comic book and gadget box for moody teenagers or a more sophisticated package of aftershave and ties for an elder statesman, there really is a box out there for everyone!

Our Top Subscription Gifts For Men

The Best Subscription Boxes For Men

20 years ago, there was no such thing as a subscription box, but now… they’re everywhere.

A great way for you to get your mitts on new, exciting and expertly chosen products in a market you love, companies of all different kinds now rely on subscription boxes to help build a better community and social interaction with their customers.

Originally a meal kit and cosmetic brand space, subscription boxes have exploded in popularity this decade, with a box available in just about every sphere of the market, from clothing to tech.

Known for their simplicity, price and introduction to new brands, they’re a fun and interesting way of purchasing and discovering new stuff, with ‘unboxing’ such surprise packages becoming a hobby in itself.

They’re range of contents also make them a risk-free scattergun approach for uninspired gift-givers, showering a recipient with goodies with niche items in a field they love!

So to help you find a phenomenal subscription box to suit your taste, we’ve scoured the market and looked through hundreds of different box contents to help find the best of the best, making sure to include a large array of interests.

From coffee to clothing, we’ve found something for everyone, meaning you’re destined to find a box to fulfil that subscription shaped hole in your life, all year round!

Subscription Box Buying Guide

Box Theme

This ones pretty hard to get wrong, but If you’re buying a subscription box as a gift, make sure it’s theme and services will be to the recipient’s liking.

If the theme or contents is randomised or changes box to box, you’re taking a big risk that the recipient will get the best out of the experience!


While subscription boxes are always a fantastic idea and a thoughtful gift, you need to be really sure of the contents of a box before you hand over the big bucks.

Beautifully wrapped packages and photographs of bounteous treasure hoards can often be deceiving and so you need to be particularly careful when it comes to large packages filled with lots of different goodies.

It can also be tiresome or disappointing if the exact same items turn up every month, so anything that promises consistent updates and variety is a bonus!

Study the contents to be sure your box is worth the subscription fee.

Delivery & Fees

One of the more headache-inducing parts of a subscription is the delivery process.

The best subscription boxes are letterbox-friendly, as this means they can be delivered to an address at any time with no complications. Larger deliveries though often require someone to be at home to receive the order.

If this is the case, make sure that the subscription service offers nominated day deliveries so your box does not become a monthly conflict in your schedule. After all, your subscription should be something to look forward to – not an annoyance you need to order your life around!

To save money, you should also be on the lookout for any pesky delivery fees which might sneakily drive up the subscription costs!


The duration of a subscription and it’s costs are often linked, so be sure to pay close attention.

Companies will often offer discounted prices if you opt for longer durations, so if buying for yourself, you’ll probably want to go for a 12-month or non-fixed subscription, which rolls on indefinitely until you opt-out.

If purchasing the subscription as a gift though, it’s imperative you gloss over the duration prices and choose something with a fixed period (3-6 months is usually a winner). Otherwise, you might be paying their way for the next 20 years!

Cancellation Policy

A good cancellation policy is always handy to watch out for, as no one wants to continue paying vast monthly fees for a product they no longer want!

Try and choose a box which doesn’t lock you into paying for a fixed period and can be cancelled anytime.


Consider the contents of the subscription box and how reasonable you deem its frequency of delivery to be.

Some boxes containing things like food and recipes can be as often as weekly, while the standard rate for most boxes is monthly.

Only you can know how much is too often or too few and if you’re a bit of a control freak, you might just want to opt for something with customisation control, giving you the choice of when and how often your package comes.


Costs are a really big issue with subscription services and there are many services out there that charge far too much money for the service they actually provide.

If possible, see if the box puts a value on its contents, as this can often be the best indicator of how much money you’re saving or the quality of the contents you’re receiving.

Also, be sure to compare the costs with duration and frequency to work out if you’re really getting your money’s worth.

There is obviously no set or standard prices for subscription boxes as the contents within them all differ so much, however, if you’re paying at a rate of over £20-30 per month, you’ll want to be sure what you’re getting in return is of the highest quality!

Customisation/ Personalisation

To avoid frequent disappointments, it can often be wise to choose a package which offers a degree of choice or customisation for each box, ensuring you can always get a little of what you fancy included.

If customisation or choice of contents isn’t available, the next best thing is probably to opt for something bespoke or personalised, as this will take into account your unique tastes and hopefully help the box makers curate and tailor the most suitable subscription possible.


One thing you might have to consider is if the contents of your box has a shelf life. This is mostly concerned with food and drink items and is something to be wary of if the subscription comes at a high frequency.

Because what’s the point of paying a big monthly fee if your cupboards end up stocked with out of date ingredients!?

Gift Recipient Specifications

If your subscription is a gift, you need to be very aware of any specifications that apply to the recipient.

This includes things like sizes if the contents are clothes and allergen information if food or drink.

Common Queries About Subscription Boxes

Which subscription box is best?

Although almost all subscription boxes are fun and enjoyable, not all of them are worth the extravagant monthly fees.

Therefore, you need to make sure whatever you choose is something you enjoy and will regularly use until the next surprise turns up a month later.

If going for a food and drink based box – always make sure you’re likely to get through 90% of the contents over the course of a month.

For example, while a beer subscription might sound like a brilliant idea, if you don’t drink more or less the whole case by the next shipment, it won’t be long till your home is being swarmed with unopened beer.

Which is great until you realise they all have expiration dates…

That’s why our personal favourite subscription boxes are clothing, tech or book-based, as you’re free to investigate them or use them at your own pace, while simultaneously growing a great collection with no time limit on them.

How do I gift a subscription box?

Most subscription services will make it easy for you to gift the service to a friend or loved one by providing you with the option on checkout.

These will usually be supplied in either 1, 3,6 or 12-month pay packages to prevent you from paying a rolling subscription, with the first package arriving at the recipient’s address and containing all the relevant information and details they need to know (especially if the service offers anything custom they need to input for themselves)

If a gift to a friend option isn’t available you then obviously have the option of paying for it but instead inputting your friend or loved one’s address rather than your own.

However this comes with its risks and is not recommended, as if the recipient ever has any issues with delivery or wants to cancel the subscription – they have to go through you rather than being able to sort it out for themselves!