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10 Best Smartwatches for 2021

The best smart watches: 2021 Update

Best Smartwatches
  • Nowadays, we’re used to being busy with multi-tasking simply being a part of daily life, so it makes sense that our gadgets should keep up with us as well. For the modern-day man, you need your watch to do more than just tell the time; you need a companion that will help your day run more smoothly and get more done, giving you those small wins throughout the day.
  • Smartwatches are there to help you take care of your health better, train smarter and navigate the day-to-day easier, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best smartwatches available right now.
  • We’ve searched the market, comparing and contrasting to find the best of the best that delivers on GPS, smart apps, voice command assistance, and fitness. We’ve only included items that we would use ourselves and ones that have been reviewed and researched thoroughly.

Our Top Picks

The Best Smart Watches

A watch that can help you sleep… direct you to the nearest restaurant… monitor your oxygen levels… and send messages – welcome to the 21st Century.

We know… the technophobes will be saying ‘why can’t a watch just tell the time?’

And sure, telling the time is a pretty important feature for a watch but if it can do this as well as helping you live a healthier life, keep you safe from getting lost and not have to faff around finding your wallet when you’re at the till then surely technology isn’t complicating things but rather making them more simple?

And that’s what the smartwatches are all about. A little companion on your arm that helps you take care of the day to day logistics and makes taking care of the important things that much easier.

So add a little slickness and smoothness to your day and check out the best smartwatches available now.

We think the overall smartwatch is the Samsung Galaxy Watch for it’s aestheic and the ability to combine smart features with long battery life. Not to mention the sophisticated sleep tracker.

The Essential Smartwatch Buying Guide


Some hybrid watches, or smartwatches from independent watch manufacturers, are compatible with both iOS and Android mobile phones.

However, some smartwatches are usually only compatible with the brands own phone. And while others say they’re compatible with all phones, it may be certain versions/update levels of the phone, so it’s important to do your research before buying.

  • Apple Watch Series  – compatible with an iPhone only
  • Samsung – compatible with all androids and iOS, although the setup is smoother with Samsung
  • Honor – Androids only
  • Huawei 2 – Androids and iOS (9 or later)
  • Garmin – Compatible with iOS (12 and above) and Android version 6.0

Activity Monitoring

While many are great for both exercise and the office, they’ll usually cater to one more than the other, so it’s important to think about what you’re going to be using the smartwatch for.

If you’re using it for work and socialising, then you’re going to be interested in features like voice assist, work diary communication and reminders, and information on the nearest bars and restaurants more than you would if you’re a keen adventurer that’s about to set off on a hiking expedition.

But if you’re active, battery life and durability are key, as well as the ability to read things like calories burnt.

Things To Consider

  • How waterproof is the smartwatch for the exercise you’re carrying out?
  • Can it withstand long submersion of water and force if you’re using it for swimming?
  • If you’re hiking, how long is the battery life and how durable and shatter-resistant is the screen?
  • What apps are important to you? Since some are tailored more to fitness while others have a sleep app that’s more advanced than others
  • Is the classic horological look more important than features?
  • Do you want to be able to receive phone calls and text messages without your phone? Bluetooth works on your phone while Bluetooth and cellular allow you to send and receive messages even if your phone is at home

Your Questions Answered

Are smartwatches worth it?

The unfortunate thing is that many people are maybe not getting the most out of their smartwatch and are not aware of their true capabilities. Smartwatches are often better than smartphones for navigation and fitness.

There’s a lot of time and technology that has gone into ensuring they’re accurate and they give a seamless exercise experience in a way that smartphones don’t.

Smartwatches are also efficient in saving you time. Whether you’re at a till paying, playing music or taking a call, a smartwatch can do all this with minimal effort, so you don’t have to fumble around in your bag to get the things you need.

Where can I buy a smartwatch?

Smartwatches can be bought from major department stores like John Lewis and House of Fraser. You can also buy them from major tech and appliance stores such as Currys as well as going direct to the brands’ shop.

However, if you buy online, you’re always going to have the best choice and have a better view or what’s on the market for your price budget.

How much do smartwatches cost?

More features do usually mean more money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cheaper options aren’t brilliant in their own right, they might just be missing a feature or two. If features like measuring your oxygen levels are not important, then the cheaper options are definitely worth considering.

Brands also tend to have a price range within their own lines. For example the Apple Watch Series ranges in prices depending on what casing you get as well (whether it’s gold, aluminium or stainless steel), the size, and which band you choose, so it’s good to explore the full range.

What are some smartwatch brands to look out for?

When choosing a brand, the question is often whether you want tech or style. Many luxury designer brands like Emporio Armani or Michael Kors offer hybrids that resemble a more traditional watch and have the horological quality to them.

In contrast, brands that tend to offer more advanced features and are designed with health and lifestyle in mind tend to have a digital screen with a sleek modern style.

If you’re choosing from well-known brands, you’re not going to go wrong since many include similar features anyway. As well as Fossil, Samsung, Apple and FITBIT, other brands to consider include Huawei, TAG Heuer Connected, Amazfit, Skagen, TicWatch, SONY and Diesel.

Are smartwatches really waterproof?

While many say they’re waterproof, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can use it for swimming. Some are more ‘resistant’ than ‘proof’ Some smartwatches are specially designed for the force and full submersion of swimming, so it’s important to check that the smartwatch specifies that it’s compatible for swimming before buying.

What if my smartwatch gets stolen?

Many smartwatches provide security features including a password to access it and a lock that prevents your watch from pairing with an unapproved device.

There’s also other features such as ‘Find my Watch’ and an activation lock. Some smartwatches also provide an option to delete all of your data after 10 failed attempts of signing in. So, if theft or loss is your main worry stopping you from buying, don’t be put off.

How do smartwatches connect to phones?

Smartwatches connect to smartphones through Bluetooth; however, the ones that don’t need a phone present to connect through cellular activity but this only works with your mobile data on.

Are smartwatches accurate?

There’s a wide range of watches in the market, each with different trials to measure how accurate the fitness and sleep apps are. Apple naturally is the subject of the majority of these studies.

And since these studies offer conflicting results and there are so many smartwatches to test, it’s better to choose a select few that you like and do individual research on the accuracy of each of them before making a decision.