Where is the best place for a wine cooler?

Where To Keep A Wine Fridge

A wine fridge has one big job – it needs to keep your wine in perfect condition.

And as much as they do a great job if you find the right one, you need to ensure you give them the correct environment to work in.

This includes the temperature of the room, the natural lighting that could affect the UV levels and the overall look. After all, you want to be able to show your collection off but not to the detriment of your wine.

So where should you place your wine fridge?


The most logical place, and where most wine fridges will likely be. This is especially relevant if you buy an undercounter wine fridge, which sits under a kitchen bench.

Or, you may buy a tall wine fridge similar in size to a food fridge which would just look ridiculous anywhere else in your home.

Some modern kitchens incorporate ‘extras’ like this into their kitchen island space, which means no valuable floor space is filled. Integrated wine coolers are also popular, which are hidden away behind a cupboard door, but it does mean your wine isn’t visible.

What do you have to watch out for in your kitchen when placing a wine cooler? Don’t place near to a heat source, such as an oven, radiator or similar appliance. You should also bear in mind the ventilation – freestanding fridges will have ventilation on the front, side or back of the unit, usually at the bottom.

Don’t block this; it is what keeps the appliance running efficiently (and what keeps it cool).


The place where everything you don’t have space for within the house is usually placed. You may also store your food extras here, such as an additional fridge for BBQ/Christmas goods or a freezer for summer treats.

What about a wine fridge, though? Well, hold your horses – wine fridges aren’t meant to be as cold as food fridges. Being open to the elements can mean that garages aren’t always the best place for appliances, so you need to ensure you buy a wine fridge that can withstand the cooler temperatures.

Many will say if they’re not meant to be situated in places like garages or outbuildings. You may have a hard time finding one which can be, in all honesty.

So, it is best if your garage is heated, insulated or you know the temperature doesn’t drop to below what your house is. If a fridge is in too cold a room, it could struggle to regulate itself, meaning your wine is stored at the incorrect temperature (or the temperature fluctuates, which is even worse).


Likewise, sheds are usually too cold. Unless you could be in with a shout of winning Shed Of The Year, and your shed is somewhere you actually spend time yourself (i.e. can barely be called a shed), we wouldn’t recommend it.

It would also require an electrical supply which already rules out most sheds in the UK.

Utility Room

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these, it is a great place to keep your wine fridge. But again, be aware of the other appliances in there.

Washing machines and tumble dryers get very hot when in use, so you can’t place your wine fridge near these. They also shouldn’t be placed near draughty doors or even a door that gets opened regularly and could let a chill in.

Living Space

Living room or similar – basically a room in your home which isn’t the above.

This should be fine but again, check for heat sources such as radiators, and cooler spots like windows or air vents. You may also be concerned about how it looks, and while most aren’t ‘ugly’ per se, they aren’t eye-catching either so you may want to consider this.

Also be careful if you want to disguise it under a table or next to the sofa, again because you could be blocking the air circulation. Don’t place anything on top of it.

Note the natural lighting, too. If your living space gets a lot of sunlight, this could affect not just the temperature of the fridge and how well it can maintain itself, but the wine too. Light is one of the ways in which bottles can deteriorate – it is why many bottles are now dark – but if you have white wines in clear bottles, this is particularly relevant.

You’ll want to buy a wine fridge that has a UV protective glass door, and also try and position it out of direct light.