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10 Best Men's Wallets for 2021

The best wallets for men: Top brands, style statements & coin pockets

Best Mens Wallet
  • For most men, a wallet is likely to be the hub of their life outside the home
  • It says more about you than where you shop, so invest wisely
  • A good wallet could last years, and hold all of your essentials
  • But you need to cater it to your spending needs and style

Our Top Picks

The Best Wallets for Men

A wallet is an essential purchase for men. Not only does it allow them to carry about everything they need for the day, but it can also create a style statement.

For many, investing in a decent wallet is the only way forward. It will last for a few years, always be there to pick up before they leave the house, and suit your spending habits.

We love the Polo Ralph Lauren Pebble Leather Wallet. It is bi-fold so won’t feel bulky in your pocket, is stylish without being OTT and has enough room for your cards, coins and notes for the day. 

Whether you’re a cashless convert, always like to have a tenner on you for emergencies, need change for the car park/tips or simply just want to make a style statement, there is a wallet for you below.

The Essential Wallet Buying Guide

Types Of Men’s Wallets

You will see two categories here – bi-fold and tri-fold.

Bi-fold is the most popular and traditional pick. The wallet folds in half, meaning it remains thin and any money notes aren’t too crumpled. Cards also can fit into their slots lengthways.

Tri-fold wallets will fold twice, making a narrower pick but at the same time it will be thicker so may not be one for carrying around in pockets if it will be full.


You may go by the ethos that if you buy well, you only have to buy once. Or maybe you’re not bothered by materials, designer brands and how long things last – you just need to replace your current wallet which is falling apart, leaving your money at the risk of falling out.

A wallet can be bought for as little as £10 from high street stores. It won’t be a big name, and won’t last years, but most do the job.

Designer picks can start at around £40 for simple models, and ones over the £100 mark will likely be the best quality money can buy. Think durable leather, features such as extra coin pouches and plenty of card space.

Some wallets even hover around the £200 to £300 mark. How you feel about such an investment is up to you; for some, the wallet will be worth more than the contents and for others, it is the only way forward if you’re bothered about style and having something for special occasions.

We have included wallets for every budget. Our cheaper picks are still quality, from big names who can be trusted, but for anyone who wants to splash out, there are high-end picks as well.


The majority of high-end men’s wallets will be made from leather. This gives you quality, as well as durability.

This also keeps the colour and style quite plain, which will be the aim of most men. You want something which fits into any occasion, goes with several outfits and probably looks just as good on a night out than during the day.

Canvas, cotton and faux leather are also available for anyone who wants to avoid leather, however.


As mentioned in the introduction, there are a few different types of cash carriers:

  • Cashless society – rarely use cash, rely on card payments
  • ‘Just in case’ cash – they will have a £10/£20 note on them for emergencies, in case of a lost card or cash-only venue
  • Loose changers – they need some pound coins/loose change for car parks, tips and charity boxes
  • Everything in it – bank card, credit card, loyalty cards, some cash, some change, receipts. They need a wallet that holds it all, no matter how large or heavy things get

Think about what kind of cash carrier you are, for practicality. For instance, you don’t want to buy a very basic wallet if your wallet carries everything you need for the day and likewise, you don’t want loads of extras if there are just three cards in there.

We have some tips on how you can cut out the clutter in your wallet and keep it slimline.

Other Things You Need To Know...

Which brands of wallet should I look out for?

If you want to go designer, look for brands such as:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ted Baker
  • Gucci
  • Boss
  • Hermes
  • Balenciaga
  • Saint Laurent
  • Diesel
  • Mulberry
  • Fendi
  • Alexander McQueen

You can also buy own-brand wallets from high street stores such as Topman, New Look and even ones like TK Maxx and Matalan. In the latter, you may be able to get some designer picks but for a lot of them, they will be own brand. Still, it is good for a more budget option.

Where can I buy a wallet from?

Online is your best bet. Here, you will be able to find luxury or designer items more readily. Try to buy from a store such as John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser or Harrods if you’re spending a lot of money.

This way, you know that the wallet is an authentic product and not a copy. They will also have better rules regarding returns.

Personalised wallets are available from the likes of Not On The High Street and Etsy.