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10 Best Men's Moisturisers For 2021

Best men’s moisturisers for every skin type: Secure smooth, firm skin and combat blemishes

best mens face cream
  • Daily moisturising is the easiest and quickest way for men to secure themselves smooth, firm skin that retains moisture from morning till night.
  • From greasy and oily to dry and sensitive skin types, there’s a moisturising product out there for every man which can help them go from a blemished red blob to a rugged, confident individual.
  • We’ve picked out a series of brilliant skincare products for every skin type, with a focus on alcohol and fragrance-free moisturisers, all packed full of vitamins and skin barrier boosting lipids.

Our Top Lotions & Face Creams For Men

The Best Men's Moisturiser

We men force our faces through a lot of tough ordeals, from the weekly hacking of a razor blade to the sweat, blood and tears of hotly contested rugby brawls and 5-a-side footy scraps.

But where once we could just shrug off our sore and abraded skin, having a face like sandpaper just isn’t feasible in today’s day and age. So regardless of whether you’re harder than an algebraic equation or not, you need to be moisturising that handsome mug of yours.

Easily applied after a shower or quick splash in the sink, high-quality moisturiser for men is a simple factor to throw into your grooming routine and the modern man’s shortcut to smooth, nourished skin.

But with a ridiculous array of pointless creams and empty slop being marketed at lads these days, picking the best moisturiser for your skin type can often be a minefield.

The best men’s moisturiser is Elemis for Men Daily Moisture Boost, as it fights free radicals, hydrates the skin and contains cactus cerus flower extract, making it ideal for soothing irritations and blemishes suffered from shaving and everyday wear and tear.

Ideal for aftershave soothing, it’s best ingredient is a cactus cerus flower extract, ensuring rough irritations post-shave are all given a studs up tackle that will put them out of the game for good.

So to help you out, we’ve looked into hundreds of male moisturising products sold from dozens of online marketplaces, including Boots, Debenhams and Amazon. Because we’ll be damned if you ever have to consider a tub of lasses anti-ageing cream (because if it had actually saved Andie MacDowell’s skin she’d still be on the adverts wouldn’t she?).

From budget picks to oily or dry skin saviours, we’ve found some of the very best men’s moisturisers to turn your craggy boat into the rugged mush you’ve always wanted…

The Essential Guide To Men's Moisturiser

Choosing a Men’s Moisturiser

Skin Type

Everyone’s skin cells are unique and so there is no product out there which is likely to accommodate your exact skin type. However, cosmetic companies are able to come close by designing their moisturisers to a few certain categories. Determining which one you are will help you get the best out your moisturiser, as the ingredients within will be more curtailed to solving your issues.

A normal skin type is what we all dream of and so if this is you, congratulations, you’ve officially hit the derma jackpot. Essentially, your face never gets particularly dry or oily and so moisturising is merely a way of caring for your skin and keeping it in good condition as opposed to solving an issue. Normal skin type moisturisers therefore often feature the largest assortment of ingredients, fragrances and alcohols, as your skin is unlikely to react badly to them.

If you suffer from flaky, scaly dry skin, moisturiser is, of course, an absolute must. Formulas for dry skin, in general, tend to contain no alcohols or perfumes, as these can irritate and dry the skin out further. They’ll also contain all sorts of lipids, vitamins and other ingredients to help maintain your skin’s barrier and retain moisture.

For those with overzealous pores and overactive sebum, moisturiser can often seem counterproductive. However, moisturiser targeted at oily skin can help regulate your sebum production, so that your skin feels replenished and does not feel the need to produce more sebum as the day goes on. Oily skin moisturisers, therefore, offer plenty of hydration and skin barrier protection but will also often contain mattifying and drying ingredients designed to stop shine and greasiness. These include things like witch hazel and oil-free moisturisers.

If you have a mixture of dry and oily skin, you’re in a tough situation as you need a moisturiser that can do it all. Non-greasy and oil-free formulas can help you better control that shine, but they’ll also have to provide plenty of moisturisers and vitamins to help solve your dry patches and irritations. Again, avoid alcohols and perfumes too.

If you have sensitive skin which comes up in rashes with certain shower gels and soaps, you need to be extra careful when choosing products to your face, as this will provoke more extreme and unsightly reactions if you use something your derma doesn’t agree with! Pay close attention to the ingredients list and make sure it has very few ingredients. It’s often best to avoid alcohols, perfumes, parabens, colourants (tints) or anything else that sounds unsavoury!

Your Routine

Most moisturisers will say on the label their directions for use, and so you need to consider whether they fit with your routine.  Some will be for once a day use, others for morning and night and some may even just be for after shaving.

Make sure the one you choose fits well with how often you plan to use it.

Features & Ingredients To Watch Out For


If you live in a sunny environment or are just in the middle of a heatwave, SPF moisturisers are a lighter, less heavy way to get UVA and UVB protection for your skin without slathering on extra sun cream. However, in most SPF moisturisers the factor is 30 or lower, so make sure for longer periods in the sun and days with greater exposure you are using actual sun cream!


If you’re getting on a bit, products with anti-ageing properties that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines can be incredibly helpful! Retinol is often the key ingredient in anti-ageing creams.

Non-Greasy/Fast Absorbing

Moisturiser is meant to help you feel fresh and ready for the day, not like you’ve just dunked your face into a bucket of slime. Fast absorbing products which leave no residue are a must to keep you looking and feeling your best.


Tinted moisturisers are good for men who are embarrassed about blemished or minimal acne scarring and their small amount of colourant can help cover up any noticeable redness or irritation.

Hydration Time

Moisturisers are meant to be remedying issues your skin goes through during a long hard day and so if their effect only lasts a few hours, you’re going to end up crusting up or going into sebum overdrive before lunchtime. Aim to purchase a product which promises 24-hour protection and moisture at the very least.


We’re told to eat them all the time and vitamins can also do you good when applied directly to the skin! Moisturisers with vitamins help rejuvenate and repair your cells, helping to give you that healthy glow you’re looking for. If your product contains them, it’s clear that the brand is attempting to promote natural ingredients over nasty ones.

Free From Harsh Ingredients

A lot of the time, men’s skincare products don’t work for you because they’ll be packed with smell perfumes and alcohols that provide a ‘cooling’ or ‘burning’ feeling. While this might feel like it’s refreshing your skin, it’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors, as these alcohols and perfumes are more likely to just upset your skin’s balance and cause dryness and irritation.

What Men Ask About Moisturiser

Which men’s moisturiser is best?

The best moisturiser for men is Nivea Men Intensive Moisturising Cream Protect & Care. This is because unlike any other brand on the market, it promises a 48-hour moisture action, twice as much as the average male moisturiser. It’s also packed with natural soothing skin ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5.

For a more general treatment that can help all skin types, the Lab Series PRO LS All-in-1 Face Treatment provides plenty of benefits for dry and oily skin, with added anti-ageing effects!

How do I use men’s moisturiser?

Moisturizer is best applied to a clean face, as it prevents your skin from absorbing oil and impurities as well as the moisturiser!

Apply a small amount to your face in the morning after a bath/shower or sink wash, but make sure you have dried your face first, as wet skin cannot absorb moisturiser as easily.

This should hopefully keep your face supple and smooth for the rest of the day, but if you feel greasy or dry during the day you can wash your face again and reapply as necessary.

Try and develop a routine where you are moisturising once a day, and ideally, you could also moisturise again before bed to help the skin rejuvenate the best it can.