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10 Best Adult Lego Sets for 2021

The best LEGO for adults: Challenging, large-scale builds for the older imagineer

best adult lego sets
  • LEGO isn’t just for kids these days and there are now more adult-themed sets on the market than ever before!
  • Perfect for stressed-out workaholics, inventive Imagineers and just plain old geeks for the delightful Danish brick, LEGO is a hobby that doesn’t have an age restriction – so there’s no need for your collections to start gathering dust!
  • From challenging and authentic vehicle designs to nostalgic, geek-out movie-themed behemoths – There’s a LEGO set available for every kind of adult!
  • To help you discover a project worth your time and money, we’ve picked out a series of maturer LEGOs, with a focus on difficult architectural marvels to test you to the limit, as well as some throwback movie sets, designed to appeal to children of the pre-2000s who are now all grown up!

Our Top Picks For Adult Lego

The Best Lego For Adults

“When I became a man, I put away childish things,” says Paul the Apostle in Corinthians 13:11.

And while that’s all very well for Paul, we’re guessing he never experienced LEGO.

The best-selling children’s toy has proven popular with every generation since it’s inception in 1932 and every year it gets harder and harder to say goodbye to your favourite hobby.

But why should you? I mean, are you seriously going to take up golf?

There are no age limits on LEGO products, only minimum ages, meaning you should never feel the need to put down the Danish bricks in favour of boring old man activities.

These days, LEGO are also very aware that there is now a whole market of adults who are still devoted to creating their dreamlands through the classic dotted brick and so more and more sets are being created with the 16+ market in mind.

To help you find something a bit more suitable for your maturer tastes, we’ve scoured through the world of LEGO to round up the best adult-approved sets, from vintage cars to old school 1980’s movie sets!

The Essential Lego Buying Guide For Adults

Why Choose A Lego Set For Adults

There is a whole generation of men and women who have grown up playing with LEGO and for many of us, the joy of building and creating our favourite worlds or imagining new ones is something we’re still not ready to give up on now we’re adults.

From an onslaught of daily bad news stories to the drudgery and stress of work and responsibilities, you could in fact say that grown-ups need the relaxing and stimulating saviour of LEGO more than ever as a means of escape!

However, LEGO remains a product marketed mostly at children and so is a set based around the latest kiddy franchise phenomenon or craze really going to be up your alley?

Wouldn’t you prefer to build something that appeals to your new, more mature likes or celebrates the nostalgia of a previous love?

Well, thankfully, the folks at LEGO cottoned onto the generational appeal of their bricks long ago and so have been marketing sets with older themes and more challenging instruction manuals at ages 16 and up for decades!

By choosing an adult set, you’re much more likely to respond to and love the project your building, with everything from iconic 70’s Star Wars sets, throwbacks to older versions of Batman and even classy landmark and architectural structures available.

As fewer adults are likely to then play with their LEGO afterwards, you’ll also often find that they have much more displayability than classic toy or scene structures that LEGO specialises in, meaning after you’ve reaped the rewards of building your adult model, it can then often become an attractive ornament for your office or home memorabilia collection.

How To Choose A LEGO Set For Adults

What you choose for your LEGO set is up to you, but you may want to take certain things into account before you buy.

The first thing to consider is if you are planning on building your set with a child. If building LEGO is a bonding activity you enjoy doing with your children, bear in mind that a set designed for ages 16 and up may not be suitable for them if they are a fair bit younger than that.

This is because many adult sets are incredibly complicated and fiddly, and may test the attention spans or even patience of younger children. Generally, if it’s designed for adults, they’re far less likely to enjoy it!

There are of course exceptions to the rule however and sometimes the age rating is more there as a marketing ploy as opposed to advertising a difficulty level. For example, if you find an adult set which has less than a 1000 pieces, this will probably still be very challenging for a child, but not outside the realms of possibility for you to venture on a joint project together if they are 10+!

If you’re just buying for yourself, we’d say the most important thing though is choosing a set with a theme you will enjoy building and one where you will get use out of the finished item.

In older age, building LEGO sets is very much an updated or more exciting version of grandparents doing jigsaws or puzzles and so as a last thought we would also suggest choosing something that is challenging to build, has lots of pieces and will take a long time to build!

That way you can spread your project out across a few weeks rather than do it all in one night and discover you’ve just wasted several hundred pounds on a couple of hours of enjoyment!

Other Things To Consider

Age Rating

Age rating when it comes to adult kits is not really important and a 16+ or more sign is usually a guarantee of a more mature theme and a much more difficult to piece together kit.

However as previously mentioned, it’s wise to keep an eye on age rating if you plan on building the set with a child. For children under 10, we probably wouldn’t recommend introducing them to an adult set of 16+, although tweens and early teens will probably manage just fine.

For bonding experiences we would recommend seeking out a set aged 12+, as these can often be more adult in theme, but are usually easier to build with less than 1000 pieces, making them a better fit for joint family projects!


So.. how many LEGO pieces is too many?

Well, as far as we’re concerned, you can never have too many pieces, although beware that obviously at 3,000 pieces or more, you’re looking at a seriously long and complicated build – which is either a plus or minus depending on your patience level!

Similarly, anything under 1,000 pieces could probably be completed in just a few hours, which often makes them easier to build but also less valuable in terms of enjoyment time! Great if you’re looking for a quick stocking filler, but not worth it if it costs a bomb!


Given you’re an adult, a 50 piece play set probably isn’t going to be the most stimulating project for ye olde brain cells.

Pay attention to piece amounts to determine the difficulty of your set, with most adult projects tending to be a minimum of a 1,000 and very difficult sets being 3,000 pieces plus.


One of the big things you have to consider when purchasing an adult LEGO set is what you’re going to do with it once you’ve finished building it.

If it’s just going to gather dust in a box somewhere once you’ve finished it, it’s simply not worth the purchase given how expensive adult LEGO sets can be.

For adults we often suggest buying sets which can be displayed like ornaments once finished, becoming a funky display piece for your office, living room, bedroom or just an added bit of memorabilia to a collection case.

However, if you still enjoy playing with LEGO, we heartily recommend buying whatever you like, as frequent ‘makers and breakers’ who rebuild models again and again will get years of enjoyment out of whatever they choose!


If you ask us, something everyone should be paying attention to when buying LEGO is the price, as it can get mighty expensive, especially when buying adult sets!

It’s rare you’ll find any adult set for under £40 and for seriously complicated sets with thousands of pieces, don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay well over £300!

Unfortunately, the more expensive a set is, the more difficult it often is, meaning you’ll have to pay a bit more for the more challenging sets.

Is There LEGO For Adults?: FAQ's About Grown Up LEGO

Is LEGO for adults too?

Yes! If you want to buy a set of LEGO for yourself then go right ahead, as their age ratings always simply end with the symbol ‘+’. This means there’s no cap on how old you can be when playing with the Danish brick, only a minimum age!

These days, you’ll also find plenty of sets marketed specifically for ages 18 and up… and it doesn’t get much more grown-up than that!

Is LEGO Technic for adults?

The LEGO Technic range provides builds for a range of ages, with some sets going down to as low as 6+. Their trademark intricate and challenging creations do tend to appeal to a much more patient builder though (like an adult!) and there are plenty of sets that are rated 16+ and not suitable for younger players.

Which is the best LEGO set for adults?

Which LEGO set is best for you really depends on your personal taste, however, there are a few LEGO themes that we would recommend adults to check out.

Architecture, Technic & Ideas sets tend to have a more adult impetus, with maturer themes and more items which would work better as display pieces and collectables than imaginative playthings. They tend to simply be authentic and accurate in terms of what they are replicating, whether that be a vehicle, famous building or other.

However, if you’re more into movie-themed LEGO, there are plenty of incredibly challenging sets for Star Wars, Harry Potter & the different superhero franchises if that’s more your thing!