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10 Best UK Football Stadium Tours

Best Premier League football stadium tours & experience packages: Visit Anfield, Old Trafford & more!

best premier league stadium tours
  • Go behind the scenes of your favourite Premier League club’s home stadium with an exclusive backstage pass
  • Amazing tours from 9 of the biggest football clubs in the UK, from self-guided multimedia experiences to exciting meet the player events
  • See the trophy cabinets, lift the silverware and learn about the history of your club through every corner of the stadium, from player’s tunnels and dressing rooms to the intimidating press conference rooms!
  • With Virgin Experience days, you can purchase exciting football stadium tour packages, featuring extras such as museum access, hotel stays and evening meals out

The Best Stadium Tours In The Premier League

The Best Premier League Football Stadium Tour Experiences

Over the past few decades, the Premier League has quickly become the most-watched and beloved football league in the world, with an impressive array of phenomenal talent and ever-expanding set of footballing dynasties.

Whereas other countries may boast one or two genuine powerhouses of the game, the Premier League’s list is seemingly never-ending, with Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool all appearing in Champions League Semi-Finals over the last few decades.

Behind each of these teams are the world-class stadiums they call home, many of them becoming iconic symbols of their city and each filled with all the secrets of a team’s success.

For football super fans and city tourists, these stadiums are a form of Mecca to make a pilgrimage for and the first port of call on many a sightseeing tour.

A quality stadium tour is therefore in high demand with footballing tourists, giving them exclusive access to the private areas frequented by their heroes on match day and soaking up history, facts and tidbits right from the very heart of some of the world’s most famous clubs.

To help you find the best football stadium tours actually worth your time and money, we looked into the biggest Premier League teams and scoured the market for the best tour packages available, including bonuses such as free museum access, hotel and restaurant extras as well as state-of-the-art tour experiences you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Football Stadium Tour Buying Guide

Things To Consider

It’s not a surprise that football stadiums can be mighty expensive experiences, but what can come as a surprise is how little you’ll get for your money if the tour’s not up to scratch.

Here’s what you need to keep an eye on when it comes to making sure your day out is as enjoyable as possible.


Naturally, if you live a fair few miles away from your stadium of choice (or outside of the UK), getting to your chosen location may be an issue! Make sure you are aware of plenty of accessible routes to the stadium via train, plane or automobile so that you can be confident you will arrive suitably within tour time slots. If your travelling time is significant, you may want to consider browsing for hotels or other accommodation nearby so as to include overnight stay.


When purchasing a football stadium tour package, it’s vital you pay attention to how many people the package applies too. For example, there’s no point buying a behind-the-scenes access tour for two and then bringing your whole family along – as you may struggle to get your time slot or just be forced to pay extra!

Tour Times

Every football stadium has designated tour times in which fans may be guided around the stadium, which fluctuate greatly from club to club.

To help plan your visit, you’ll need to be aware of tour running times from the start to the end of the day, so you can effectively plan your journey too and from the stadium, ensuring you don’t turn up after touring has finished!

Tour Dates

In general, most football stadiums run tours several times a day, but do not operate on or around match days – as they don’t want you interfering with preparations!

So if you’re planning on incorporating a stadium tour as part of a holiday or city break – make sure there’s not a match on at the time – or you’ll end up disappointed!

You may find some stadiums also run their tours only at certain periods throughout the year (during the football season for example) and if it’s a particularly special tour featuring ex-players or one-off events, the dates will be even more specific.

Tour Duration

Given the price you’re paying, most people want their football stadium tours to be an immersive all-day experience as opposed to a quick whizz around the key focal points.

However, if you’re currently on holiday with a million and one other things to see and do, a quick run-around may be more important to you! Be sure to check out the tour duration lengths and work out what’s best for you.

Tour Inclusions

At a minimum, a football stadium tour should be offering you exclusive access to some of the key areas of the building, including things like pitch-side access, the player’s tunnel, dressing rooms and press conference rooms.

Make sure to have a good look as to what the tour entails and then make an informed decision about whether this is interesting enough or an experience of value given what you’re paying.

Museum Access

Particularly successful or large clubs tend to have museums and exhibits attached to their stadium tours and so it’s always good to check if a package offers free museum entry.

Some stadiums simply lack museum facilities and so are arguably less of a day out than those with memorabilia, trophy cabinets and exhibits to explore!

Tour Extras

What can this specific football stadium tour offer you that nowhere else can?

Offering access to a couple of key spots is all well and good, but some stadiums do it with a bit more glitz and glam than others.

Are there digital, immersive guides with interactive videos and voice insights? Is there an immersive cinema experience?

Perhaps a photo opportunity with a key trophy or a Q&A with a former football star?

The list of possibilities is endless, but you’ll only know what’s on offer by having a good look through the tour descriptions features.

Self-Guided or Guided

This is all down to personal preference and which option a stadium tour prefers may confirm whether the experience is of interest to you or not.

Self-guided tours will usually allow you to visit certain areas within a scheduled time frame, accompanied by a digital guide or headset audio, describing to you the various things you are seeing.

These can vary in quality, with some being basic audio experiences with a narrator and others being amazing interactive guides with videos, games and insights from a wide variety of important club figures. However, you still can’t ask them any questions!

Guided tours therefore provide a more immersive and included experience where you can have all your burning queries answered – although, the tour will not be taken at your own pace.

Age & Other Restrictions

Something to watch out for particularly in football stadium experience packages is restrictions and rules that may make you ineligible for the tour.

These could be things like lack of disability accesses, health restrictions for certain heights or weights and age restrictions if a particular tour or tour time slot is unsuitable for younger children.

Experience Package Inclusions

If you really want to make a trip of it, there are plenty of football stadium tour packages and experiences which feature attractive extras to make your day even more special.

These mostly include things like evening meals at local restaurants or overnight stays at nearby hotels, making them a great choice for those on city breaks or holidays.


In general, a football stadium tour costs around £20 – £40 per person, with most packages for two being valued somewhere between £50 and £60.

We wouldn’t advise paying towards the upper echelons of these price guidelines unless there was free museum access included or tour inclusions were particularly special.

Naturally any package options which include evening meal vouchers or hotel stays will be a lot more, with hotel stays stretching to around the £150 mark for one night.

FAQs For Football Stadium Tours

Which is the best football stadium tour in London?

In terms of what you get with each experience we would recommend Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Tour and the London Stadium Tour With West Ham Legends.

This is because both are packed with extras which make them a much more enjoyable experience than just a pitch-side photo and a look in the player’s dressing room!

Which football legends do stadium tours and Q&A’s?

We don’t want to get hopes up for younger fans, so we’ll tell you now that it’s unlikely you’re going to meet a superstar of the 2000s and beyond on a stadium tour guided by an ex-professional.

But for football fans who grew up in the 70s and 80s, it’s undoubtedly a phenomenal experience, as it’s likely your guide or Q&A session will be one of your heroes when growing up.

For example, Anfield Legend tours have included appearances from John Aldridge, Phil Thompson and Jan Molby, while the Old Trafford tour has been taken by the great Norman Whiteside on a number of occasions!