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10 Best Curry Kits For 2021

Best curry kits to spice up your evenings and beat the takeaway!

best curry cookery kit
  • The humble curry kit is the faithful weapon of any cheat chef, as it allows you to conjure up an absolutely barnstorming dish that beats the takeaway and will have all the fam licking their plates clean as you fraudulently accept your crown as the Curry King
  • To help you find the best option for you or a loved one, we’ve picked out a series of high-quality curry kits and gift sets, with a focus on tantalising never-before-seen recipe bundles and in-depth cookery courses for curry house classics!
  • We’ve picked the most diverse range of cookery kits possible, celebrating curry cuisines from around the world and ensuring everyone’s tastes are catered for with the plenty of hot, mild, vegetarian and vegan recipes included.
  • From fantastic subscription services to budget picks, we’ve based our top 10 on plenty of other vital criteria too, including price, shelf-life, delivery, servings and most important of all… great flavour!

Our Top Gift Boxes & Cookery Kits For Curry Lovers

The Best Curry Recipe Kits

Spicy, saucy and feared by the weak of this world, there is no manlier dish on earth than the curry.

It’s the satisfying crescendo to a boozy night out with the boys, the highlight to every night-in ever and your go-to bit of grub come the end of the working week.

But while it might be easier to just pick up the phone and put in an order for that lamb rogan josh your craving… can you really call yourself a man if you don’t know how to whip up a cracking curry of your own?

Where once replicating your favourite dish was a foreign concept, the abundance of curry kits taking over our supermarket shelves has meant that even those of us who can’t tell a teaspoon from a tablespoon have been able to impress our nearest and dearest with a homemade Asian cuisine sensation!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a salt of the earth bhuna bloke or a Jalfrezi madman, crafting up ten out of ten curries is simpler than ever these days if you own the right kit and so we’ve rounded down ten of the very best available!

The Essential Curry Kit Buying Guide

What To Look For In A Curry Kit

While all curry kits might look the same, there are subtle and sometimes even obvious differences between each brand, and so it’s important not to just wing it while browsing!

The differences in price, cuisines and bundle bonuses vary greatly, meaning some are definitely going to be a better option for your personal tastes.

So without further ado, here are some crucial curry kit factors to look out for…

Cuisine/Curry Type

The obvious thing to look out for is the type of cuisine and curry your chosen kit offers. Curry is not just an Indian dish and they are plenty of other variants from around the world to be discovered from the Caribbean to the smallest corners of Asia!

It’s therefore wise to consult what kind of recipes the kit offers and whether they are curries you’re interested in, as there’s no point buying a collection of great world flavours if all your bothered about is Indian food!

For some subscription-style curry kits, you may not even know what curry you’re getting until it arrives. This is great for the wild and adventurous, but probably a daft decision for picky eaters who will likely end up disappointed with every delivery.

Recipe Amount/Quality

Once you’ve got your cuisine nailed down, you then might want to consider the amount of the recipes up on offer, as these will help you get a better idea as to whether your kit is worth it or not.

For example, a curry kit which offers you the chance to choose from 8 different recipes is arguably a much more interesting option than one which can only provide 2 or 3.
The only times this may not be the case is if the low amount of curries offered is due to the product perhaps offering rarer cuisines or having higher quality spices.

Try and gauge a balance between quality and quantity to get your money’s worth.

Ingredients Included

In general, most curry kits will offer you spices only and to actually make the curry, you’ll be required to go out and buy ingredients like meat, veg and other things with short shelf-life yourself!

If you want a great tasting curry, you’ll want to consider the quality of these ingredients. Does the kit include fresh spices and herbs or just plain old curry powder you could buy at the shop?

Ideally, you want a kit that provides you with strange spices and rare herbs that will transform your curry experience from the standard versions you’ve made with shop-bought fare!

Ingredient Amounts/Longevity

Not enough people check the number of spices included in their curry kits before they buy them, but they really should!

The more spices or powder you get, the more curries you can make from just one kit.

This again should have a big impact on your budget, because do you really want to pay over £20 for a curry kit that can only be used once? Probably not.


Another thing people tend to forget is how many mouths they might need to feed when serving up another sizzling curry night. If you often host big dinner parties where you’re trying to feed the five thousand, a curry kit that only serves 2 people with each serving is going to be a pretty poor choice!

In general, most kits will serve 4 people with each serving, however, there are some designed for feasts of up to 8 and others better for couples or trios.


Many curry connoisseurs will be all too happy to spend every second perfecting their art and letting their masterpiece simmer for days, but for busier bees who need tea on the table before 7 every night, it might be a better option to find curry kits which guarantee prep and cooking times of no more than 30 mins!

Spice Level

As well as picking the right cuisine, if you’re picking up rarer dishes you don’t really know much about, it’s good to do a little research and check what kind of heat they’re packing! Although it might sound luxurious and interesting, you’re unlikely to hear the end of it if you serve the likes of a Naga Curry to some Korma Queens!


In supermarkets, simple single-use curry kits rarely cost over £4, however, if you’re looking for a more special experience with a curry kit gift set or specialist multi-use option, it’s rare to find anything under £10.

In general, you can expect to pay around £15, however, if there are extra entices to the bundle such as high-quality cookbooks or other items, you can expect to pay between £20 and £30.

If you’re paying over £20 for a basic spices and recipes set though, you may want to look out for a cheaper option.

Shelf Life

If you’re having curry one night a week, this probably won’t be an issue, but if you like to spread out your sessions, it might also be important to have a look at the shelf life.

Usually, most kits can promise a shelf life of 12 months for their spices, however, be careful when it comes to kits which include pastes or dairy as these items will tend to have much shorter shelf lives of just a couple of months.

Additional Items

Especially important if buying as a gift, a curry kit which includes a glossy cookbook, cutlery, cooking implements or other items is always going to be a more exciting set for the curry lover in your life.

This, of course, will bump up the price though, so try and gauge whether the little extras in your bundle are actually worth an extra few bob!


If buying a particularly hefty curry kit, it can be a bit of a pain having to wait in for a delivery.

If you’re someone who can’t guarantee you’ll be in to receive it, it’s often easier to choose letterbox style curry kits, which can be simply posted through your door without any hassle or fuss!

These are however a slightly less impressive gift due to their smaller and simple packaging.


Crucial if purchasing as a present, the packaging and boxing of your chosen curry kit is the difference between looking like you’ve made an effort or looking like you’ve just chucked a load of supermarket curry kits in your basket at the last second.

Subscription Services

Some curry kit companies offer subscription services, which are a great option for certified curry addicts who enjoy cooking them on a regular basis.

When looking at subscription prices, try and work out whether the service is worth the price. For example, does it deliver weekly or monthly? How many recipes do you get in one delivery? Are the recipes high-quality? Answering these questions will help you ascertain the value of the subscription.

Common Curry Kit Questions

Which is the best curry kit gift set?

The best curry kit gift set is The Spicery’s Curry Legend Cookbook Kit as it provides curry fans with an 80 recipe high-quality bible for them to lead through to their heart’s content!

It then provides just four spice blends, which are all featured in every recipe of the book, meaning it is by far the most versatile offering on the market, allowing you to essentially choose your very own curry kit recipe from a truly mammoth menu!

The Spicery also offer a great subscription service, which is an increasingly popular gift these days, as they allow you to send a loved one staggered curry kits over a period of your choosing.

For chilli heads and challengers, Spicentice’s World’s Hottest Curry Kit is also a cracking pick for blokes who always order the hottest thing on the menu, as well as a good laugh! (until it starts to burn of course.)

How much should I pay for a curry kit gift set?

A curry kit gift set will usually set you back somewhere between £15 and £30, although if you’re paying towards the higher end of that spectrum, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting good value for money.

Anything over £20 should ideally contain more than just spices and a few recipe cards, usually in the form of extra items such as cookbooks, kitchen gear or clothing!