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10 Best Camping Chairs for 2021

The best camping chairs for comfort in the great outdoors

Best Camping Chair
  • Whether you’re camping, fishing, or at a festival, you’re going to need somewhere to sit
  • Camping chairs are easy to transport and pop up as and when you need them
  • But you’ll still have to think about comfort, size, and any extras you want
  • Our picks offer comfort, practicality and ease, suiting a range of budgets

Our Top Picks

The Best Camping Chairs

The best camping chairs need to tick a couple of boxes.

They have to be easy to carry and fold away, yet comfortable and supportive when in use. Camping chairs should be lightweight enough to transport but strong enough to last a few years, and for use on a campsite, beach or just in the back garden. But you also want value for money – the perfect balance of spending just enough for quality, but not over the odds.

Our pick is the Hi-Gear Kentucky Classic Chair, which is not only lightweight but has a cushioned neck area and is easy to put up and down quickly

Whether you’re fishing, camping or hiking, you’re going to wish you brought a comfortable camping chair. Read on to see which passed our test and made it to the list of the best camping chairs of the year.

The Essential Camping Chair Buying Guide


If you have the car or motorhome, camping chair weight probably isn’t that much of an issue as you won’t have to carry the chairs very far. But if you will be on foot or will have to walk to a beach or up a mountain, think about how heavy you can go practically.

The lightest of camping chairs will probably be a stool or an inflatable model. But what they give you in lack of weight, they can miss in support, so if you will be spending an extended length of time in your chair, it could be worth carrying that bit more weight for the benefits when you’re sat down.

Maximum load is another thing to look out for, as some camping chairs can hold more weight than others. Weigh yourself so you know your limit – you don’t want the chair collapsing under you which could cause injuries.


The build of most camping chair frames is either aluminium or steel. The former is usually a bit lighter than steel, which is good for transporting, but if you can you may want to go for steel which will provide a bit more stability.

As for the seating material, most camping chairs will be some form of nylon which will protect against water and mud and is easy to both clean and dry. It is still perfectly comfortable and supportive, too.


The majority of camping chairs will fold quite thin and pole-like, so they can go into a bag and be carried. This should be a relatively easy process and a case of just grabbing both ends and pulling together.

Look at how the storage bag is carried. Most camping chair bags should have a shoulder strap for if you are travelling light and this is all you have, but you may also want to look at the dimensions of the camping chair when folded in case it will be attached to your rucksack.

Extra Features

  • Cup Holders

Most will have these, but it is what makes a camping chair a camping chair. This is often in the form of mesh for cheaper chairs, the fabric of the chair for mid-priced, and a separate thermal drinks pocket for high-end camping chairs which will keep drinks warm or cold

  • Reclining

Not necessary in a camping chair, but if you will be spending long amounts of time in the seat, you may want something which can recline back for ultimate relaxation. You may also want to look for padding and a footrest

  • Arms

Pretty common in camping chairs really, but again there are bucket chair designs without any arms, which may not be ideal for extended periods of time

You May Want To Know...

Are camping chairs easy to clean?

They should be if they are made from a material such as nylon or polyester. This is sturdy, so any marks will be easy to wipe away with soapy water. Follow manufacturer instructions.

As for the camping chair frames, which can get caked in mud, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will again make it look like new. Just ensure it dries before it is stored away, or else it could rust or begin to mould.

Where can I buy camping chairs?

Outdoor stores will always have a selection of camping chairs for any need.

The beauty of online shopping is that you can see a wider selection from the store, which they may not have in-store, so it is always worth ordering online, even if you want to get it delivered to a store for collection.

Other online retailers such as Amazon also have a good selection which can be delivered to your door, and sports retailers will likely also have some in stock.