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10 Best Beer Subscriptions

Best beer subscriptions & delivery boxes: Discover rare craft beer, IPAs & classic ales

best beer delivery service
  • For those bored by the same old supermarket beer adorning the shelves, online beer subscriptions are now the easiest and quickest way to secure yourself unique, unusual and rare craft beer delights.
  • Showcasing everything from small-batch, bespoke breweries creating dark ales and stouts to fun and funky IPA innovators, beer subscriptions allow you to get your hands on a vast range of beer types.
  • Additional goodies can also enhance your experience, with included items like magazines and info cards helping you expand your expertise of the craft scene and truly savour the story behind your beers. Or you might just get a lovely free bag of Pork Scratchings!
  • We’ve picked out a series of brilliant beer delivery services and monthly boxes to suit the specific tastes of every craft beer connoisseur, with a focus on reasonably priced packages that offer a mix of far-flung and independent brewery ranges – so that each selection always feels new, unseen and exciting!

Our Top Picks

The Best Beer Subscriptions & Delivery Boxes

Gone are the days when beer guzzlers were simply satisfied by a can of Stella or Strongbow from the fridge, as the beer drinker’s taste buds now require something a little less traditional when it comes to savouring a beloved hoppy beverage.

Hunting for unusual hipster fare and mind-bending flavours is the new norm when it comes to beer browsing and as a result, the independent craft beer market has exploded, with every Tom, Dick and Harry quitting their jobs to start up breweries and whip up IPAs with bizarre names like “Brenda’s Windbreaker”.

And we say good on them, because the vast majority of us craft beer lovers can’t get enough of these rarer prospects, whether they be the invention of a local underground brewery or a far-flung project from half-way across the globe.

Trouble is, they’re mighty hard to get your hands on and after a few weeks of cherry-picking the local supermarket shelves, you’ll soon find the new and unusual flavours they keep in stock quickly become commonplace and lose their mysterious and enigmatic aura. (They’re what we hipsters call sell-outs)

The best beer subscription service is beer52, with their fantastic range of beers, free snacks and craft mags!

Craft beer subscription services and beer clubs are therefore a perfect option for experts and voyagers of ale who are bored of supermarket fare and want to discover the secret, salivating brews that no one’s talking about.

Delivering you a vast array of booze every month, such subscriptions allow you to discover new brew and begin championing some of the best independent breweries around, honing your expertise and knowledge of the wider world of craft beer.

To help you find a service which meets your personal tastes and needs, we’ve looked into dozens of top beer subscription services and rated them according to price, amount of beer and quality of selections to determine the best value offers available in the UK.

From irresistible IPA bundles to soul-altering stout stocks, we’ve found some of the very best beer subscriptions to whet the appetite and open the mind to a world of hopportunity!

Beer Subscription Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Beer Subscription

Amount of Beer

If you’re someone who can casually guzzle your way through 8 beers in just two weeks, a standard 8 beer case may not be enough to last you a month. Given the price of these subscriptions, it’s unlikely you want to be spending more money on beer down the supermarket, so try and find a case which matches your monthly appetite! Similarly, if you’re going to end up with cupboards stuffed full of beer in just a few months, maybe consider going for a smaller case.


Ideally, you want your subscription to amount to a slightly lower price than what buying the beers inside would cost individually. You’ll also want to consider the quality and rarity of the beers inside, as if they are sourced from international breweries or small-batch independents, the price will obviously be much higher.

Styles Of Beer

If you only drink dark ales, there’s no point getting a mixed subscription with lots of IPAs and amber ales you won’t touch. Plenty of beer subscriptions offer you the chance to pick selections from only one type of beer, so you can better self-cater for yourself and keep the surprise an enjoyable one!

Choosing Your Own

If you’re something of a connoisseur and don’t want to be surprised by a load of beers not to your liking, it’s often wiser to go with a one-off case option where you can pick each individual beer. Not many subscription services offer choose-your-own features as this would understandably make organising monthly deliveries a lot more complicated.

Rolling Subscriptions

Although pre-paid options are great for gifts, they’re probably not the best idea for personal subscriptions, as if you ever decided to cancel, you may not get your money back or have to go through an annoying refund process. Rolling subscriptions are a pay per month scheme which don’t affect the bank balance too harshly in one go and can usually be cancelled more easily.

Cancel Options

Preferably, you want to pick a subscription that you can easily cancel at a moments notice, without losing money.

Gift Subscriptions

If you want to send the subscription as a gift, it’s best to find a beer club which actually accommodates for this wish, allowing you to prepay for a set amount of months and have the beer delivered to their door.

Delivery Fees

If you’re already paying a lot of money for beer to be sent to your door, it would be annoying to discover that you’re also paying extortionate delivery fees on top of that. Try and choose a subscription which includes free delivery!

Add-ons & Extras

If you’ve a real passion for craft beer and ales, a simple case of unusual beer may not be enough to whet your appetite. For a full beer club experience, it’s often better to choose options which include monthly magazines, beer reviews, online communities and additional items like snacks or beer glasses!

Membership Offers

When joining up to a subscription service, it’s always nice to get a little bit more for your money. Try and choose a beer club which offers discounts as well as vouchers/coupons and rewards that celebrate you as a valued customer!


If the point of wanting a beer subscription is to experience new and strange beers you can’t find in the shop… make sure that’s what your subscription is promising! It’s wise to choose a service which offers brand new beers every month and does not recycle the same breweries over and over.


Although most services offer a once a month case, some subscriptions offer weekly, fortnightly or even bi-monthly deliveries. Think about how much beer you get through and how frequently you’ll desire a delivery.

Your FAQs For Beer Subscriptions

How much should I pay for a beer subscription?

Most high-quality craft beer subscription services range between £20 – £30 for a case of 8 beers.

However, if the beer inside is particularly rare or difficult to source, you may find that the prices are more around the £40 – £50 mark.

Which is best UK beer subscription

The most trusted and revered UK beer subscription is Beer52, as it is reasonably priced, offers a good selection of 8-10 beers and also allows you to fine-tune your case to filter out beer types not to your liking. For the craft beer connoisseur, there’s also an included magazine!

In terms of passionate beer fans who want a club experience though, the best beer subscription is undoubtedly BeerBods by Beer Hawk, which although only every 2 months, allows you to join an online community that sees you join in with weekly tasting sessions and live feeds.