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10 Best Aftershaves For 2021

Best aftershaves & fragrances for men: Dior, BOSS, Tom Ford, Armani and more

  • Quality men’s aftershave is now a staple addition to every man’s night out or special evening event, helping you encapsulate an aroma of sophistication and masculinity
  • From light Eau de Toilettes to alluring Eau de Parfums, there’s a scent out there for every man that reflects your own unique character and unlocks your confidence. With the right fragrance, you can let the world know who you really are
  • To help you find your best self, we’ve picked out a series of brilliant men’s aftershaves with a focus on enrapturing evening performers and refreshing daily scents, so you can always smell up suitably, whatever the occasion

The Top Men's Fragrances

The Best Smelling Men's Fragrances & Aftershaves

A good haircut, a smart fitting suit and a nice pair of shoes are just a few of the many things that can instil instant confidence, masculinity and comfort in the ordinary bloke.

But while changing up your physical appearance and style can help reap in all those compliments and flirtatious glances you’re after, one crucial element of your style can often go forgotten.

An invisible element of your personal appeal, how good you smell can have a lasting impact on the people you meet and how they remember you and so quality, enigmatic and seductive men’s aftershave is often a crucial tool when it comes to winning over the room and inviting exciting encounters.

The best men’s fragrance is Creed Aventus, made by master perfumers in Paris, it’s designed to awaken the power, vision and success of tin every man, with powerful Italian bergamot notes and a rich base of oakmoss, ambergris and vanilla. It’s quite possibly the most respected aftershave in the world.

Whether you’re after a smart and sophisticated scent for work or a deep and hypnotising aroma for a special evening out, there are fragrances out there for each and every occasion and the vast array of choices means nailing down your own personal olfactory style is easier than ever.

However, with a ridiculous range of overpriced and nauseating perfumes being marketed at lads these days, picking the best men’s aftershave to suit you can often be a minefield.

So to help you out, we’ve looked into hundreds of men’s fragrance products sold from dozens of online marketplaces, including Boots, John Lewis and Amazon. Because at the end of the day, you want to smell like a man, not a florist.

From mature leather smells to modern and refreshing citrus twists, we’ve found some of the very best men’s aftershaves to turn your unremarkable odour an irresistible aromatic aura…

The Essential Guide To Men's Aftershaves & Fragrances

Things To Consider

Types of Aftershave

There are three different types of aftershave to choose from and what kind of effect you want will dictate which type you choose.

Traditional Aftershave

Quite hard to find these days, traditional aftershave is a post-shaving treatment with less than 4% perfume oil and soothing ingredients to reduce irritation.

Eau de Toilette

A light refreshing scent that lasts up to 8 hours, Eau de Toilettes have a higher perfume oil percentage than traditional aftershave.

Eau de Parfum

A much richer fragrance, Eau de Parfums contain the highest amount of perfume oil and produce the strongest and longest-lasting aroma.

Fragrance Family

For the common bloke, scents like bergamot, ambergris, and fougere probably mean next to nothing to us and so these list of fancy ingredients do little to help us understand what they actually smell like. Hence why most of us need to trawl round department stores squirting sample sticks!

Reading a product’s fragrance family can help you make better assumptions and educate guesses as to what aftershaves are for you and are particularly helpful to know when purchasing as a gift for someone else. It will often sum up the fragrance in just one or two words such as woody, or spicy oriental.


The size of a bottle is very important when it comes to your chosen aftershave’s longevity.

Whether it’s large enough for you depends on how often you apply aftershave!

In general, one 100ml bottle will last you 800 sprays. So if you apply two sprays per day, it will last you well over a year!

Cheaper 50ml bottles, therefore, last you just less than a year when sprayed at the same rate.


The big swinging point for most aftershave buyers is the price, as they can vary wildly between acceptable £20 – £60 bottles to extortionate £300 deluxe showstoppers.

Most high-street, well-known brands are priced between £50 and £100 per 100ml bottle, so always consider the size of the bottle when deciding if it’s worth the pennies.


Obviously, the most important thing to consider is the smell of the fragrance itself!


It can often be wise to take note of certain ingredients of your favourite aftershaves as this can help you determine what other brands you may enjoy. For example, if your favourite cologne features a heavy presence of patchouli, any fragrance you see which features patchouli may be of interest to you. For the same reason, it’s also good to record which aftershaves you find particularly unpleasant!

Your Most Common Fragrance Queries

What’s the difference between aftershave, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum?

Although all three of these things are all used interchangeably, they officially all mean different things and so will all give you different results!

Traditionally, aftershave was exactly as it sounds, an antiseptic alcohol that could help disinfect cuts and reduce irritated skin post-shave. However, these days in the UK, aftershave is a term now commonly used to describe men’s cologne/perfume instead.

Proper aftershave will contain less perfume oil than cologne and its focus is on soothing the skin rather than providing a long-lasting aroma, usually containing anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe vera.

Most men’s aftershave now though is split into two categories: Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum.

These are your classic colognes which are purely concentrated on providing you with a unique and pleasant fragrance.

Eau de Toilettes contain more perfume oil than classic aftershave and aren’t actually suitable for after shaving, as the added oil will probably cause blotchiness and irritation on your newly sensitive skin. Their smell lasts around six to eight hours and so they are a good choice for a day scent or evening wear.

Eau de Parfums are much stronger with an even higher concentration of perfume oil. These will last a whole day, are very strong smelling and often more expensive than Eau de Toilettes.

Can aftershave expire?

Unfortunately, you can’t just keep a bottle of cologne lying around forever and eventually, the scent will go off.

How quickly this happens depends on the quality of the product itself, with some lasting as long as a decade and others just one pitiful year!

In general, aftershaves with the heaviest base notes tend to last the longest, with wood-based and oriental scents surviving longest. Base notes of citrus and floral origin last a much shorter amount of time.

Some aftershaves will come with an expiry date while others you will just have to keep an eye on after a year or two. Signs your fragrance is on the way out are a change in colour, less potent smell or vinegar-like scent.

To keep your aftershave fresher for longer, always store correctly, with the lid securely on and in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing in bathrooms where humidity and rising and falling temperatures are all too common. Also, avoid placing on a windowsill where the sun could spoil it very quickly!

Where to spray aftershave?

You’ll often see people spraying their perfumes in all sorts of places, but which ones are actually effective in enhancing your chosen scent?

Wrists and under the neck/pulse points tend to be most popular, however, some men also apply to their inner elbows, behind the ears and the chest.

Any exposed areas on your body that give off high amounts of heat are best, as the fragrance will react with this heat and continue to release the scent.